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Jeep is one of the most iconic and legendary American brands well known across the world. Jeep vehicles are honored for their versatility, durability and capability to conquer the roughest terrain. First Jeeps were produced for U.S.military needs in 1940. They were sturdy, reliable vehicles able to traverse any terrain. Jeep brand had many owners, starting with Willys-Overland, which manufactured the first Civilian Jeep (CJ) in 1945. Jeep was registered as a trademark name in 1950. In 1953 it was sold to Kaiser Motors, and then in 1970 the American Motors Corporation purchased Kaiser's Jeep operations. Later in 1987 the brand got new owner – Chrysler Group. Throughout 75 years, Jeep vehicles have responded to the demands of the society, automotive fashion and technologies while staying authentic to their roots and gaining huge dedicated fan base all over the world.

The famed off-road capabilities and unmatched performance of the Jeep are unrivaled and make Jeep the perfect all-terrain, all-season, all-weather vehicle for anyone from the novice to the extreme professional. The origin of the name Jeep is a widely debated subject. Ford Motor Company had a general-purpose vehicle that was called ‘GP’ for short. When quickly pronounced together that sounded like “jeep”. There is another opinion that Jeep was named after a cartoon character, Eugene the Jeep that could do anything, go anywhere, was quick and smart. One more theory claims that “jeep” was a slang word used by soldiers during the World War I for new recruits and for new untested equipment. Even the most reliable vehicle can go out of order, and your Jeep is no exception. If you have problems with its transmission system, choose quality repair parts from our vast selection of Jeep replacement transmission parts designed to restore your powerful vehicle to original condition.

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