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The Jeep Patriot, also known as the Jeep MK4, was revealed in 2007 for the same model year by the Jeep division of Chrysler. The vehicle debuted in 2006 at the New York Auto Show. The vehicle slots between the Jeep Liberty and the Jeep Compass. The Jeep Patriot is based on the Daimler Chrysler platform and is built using up-to-date technologies and high-end, rugged materials.

In our online superstore, you'll find a considerable variety of quality replacement parts at economical prices. If you're in need of premium replacement suspension parts, you can get them online from the comfort of your home – just take advantage of convenient search options and easy ordering process, and get exactly what you need for your Jeep Patriot. Purchasing a reliable replacement suspension part for the Jeep Patriot is no longer a daunting task. Manufactured by trusted companies and built using premium materials, all parts in our selection are engineered to function properly and ensure lasting performance. If you want your Jeep Patriot to run as new mile after mile and provide outstanding ride comfort, buy quality suspension parts in our store.

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    • Mevotech® Sway Bar Components
      (5 reviews)
      # 4606
      Sway Bar Components by Mevotech®. Upgrade to the sway bar link kit by Mevotech and keep your vehicle stable, enjoying a more comfortable ride and better road handling. All parts are made tough to ensure superior longevity and...
      $4.62 - $46.17
    • KYB® Excel-G™ Series Shocks and Struts
      (17 reviews)
      # 4315
      Excel-G™ Series Shocks and Struts by KYB®. Restore your vehicle's original performance for normal driving conditions with the Excel-G twin-tube gas hydraulic shocks and struts that offer additional damping force to compensate for...
      $20.85 - $168.47
    • MOOG® Ball Joint
      (8 reviews)
      # 5139
      Ball Joint by MOOG®. MOOG ball joints are the preferred choice of many professional technicians and incorporate proven design and advanced engineering features to ensure like-new steering and suspension, simple installation, and...
      $14.12 - $159.02
    • Monroe® Strut-Mate™ Mount Components
      (5 reviews)
      # 4353
      Strut-Mate™ Mount Components by Monroe®. Worn strut mounts can adversely affect your vehicles handling, and should always be replaced when new struts are installed as a part of a complete repair. Monroe strut mounts replace...
      $5.20 - $76.28
    • Mevotech® Control Arms
      (26 reviews)
      # 4596
      Control Arms by Mevotech®. Designed to increase friction amount between the tire and road surface for an effective steering ability and better handling, this control arm provides firm connection point between the body of the...
      $4.72 - $279.92
    • Monroe® OESpectrum™ Shocks and Struts
      (29 reviews)
      # 4363
      OESpectrum™ Struts by Monroe®. These shocks and struts are engineered for foreign nameplate vehicles to enhance the performance of their suspension systems. Monroe OESpectrum shocks utilize OE valving technologies like the Twin...
      $16.02 - $382.52
    • Dorman® Control Arm
      (9 reviews)
      # 4060
      Control Arm by Dorman®. If you are searching for a quality control arm, this product is the way to go. Featuring a sturdy construction and quality tested for trouble-free performance, the control arm ensures a smooth ride,...
      $8.86 - $294.12
    • Falcon® Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly
      (0 reviews)
      # 7577
      Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly by Falcon®. Falcon Steering Control Arms are made of the highest quality in the aftermarket. All Control Arms meet or exceed OE requirements and are precision machined for a perfect fit. Control...
      $16.27 - $129.63
    • Falcon® Ball Joint
      (1 reviews)
      # 7576
      Ball Joint by Falcon®. Falcon Steering Ball Joints are made of the highest quality in the aftermarket. All Ball Joints meet or exceed OE requirements and are precision machined for a perfect fit.
      $7.58 - $45.34
    • Falcon® Control Arm
      (0 reviews)
      # 7586
      Control Arm by Falcon®. Falcon Steering Control Arms are made of the highest quality in the aftermarket. All Control Arms meet or exceed OE requirements and are precision machined for a perfect fit.
      $13.71 - $84.08
    • Unity® Replacement Complete Strut Assembly
      (53 reviews)
      # 3823
      Replacement Complete Strut Assembly by Unity®, Sold Individually. Unity offers front and rear complete strut assemblies that match original equipment quality and ride height. They come fully assembled with all new parts for a...
      $43.04 - $154.77
    • TRW® Ball Joint
      (0 reviews)
      # 1632
      Ball Joint by TRW®. Does your luxury car ride like an old buckboard wagon? Is your pickup still bouncing long after the bump? If so your suspension is in need of repair, but before you waste your time and gas running out to the...
      $29.01 - $209.31
    • KYB® Strut Bellows
      (3 reviews)
      # 4320
      Strut Bellows by KYB®. These bellows provide effective protection from dirt and moisture by covering the entire piston rod of KYB struts. The bellows are made of resilient accordion-pleat rubber and include a new polyfoam...
      $14.16 - $20.07
    • Falcon® Stabilizer Bar Link Kit
      (1 reviews)
      # 7578
      Stabilizer Bar Link Kit by Falcon®. Falcon steering sway bar links are designed to last longer than typical aftermarket sway bar links. Improvements made in the rubber on Bolt and bushing links and engineered materials applied to...
      $2.76 - $26.07
    • Unity® Control Arm
      (0 reviews)
      # 7157
      Control arms connect the vehicle frame to the steering knuckles or axle, and allow the up-and-down movement of the wheels. Rigorously tested for sustained, secure performance by a team of product and quality engineers, Control Arm...
      $17.57 - $97.02

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    Very often we don't even realize what a crucial role a car's suspension plays in providing a safe and comfortable ride. The system maximizes the friction between the road surface and your vehicle's tires, ensuring steering stability along with responsive handling.
    Shock absorbers, also known simply as “shocks” (which is what we will call them for the rest of this article), are the suspension components which stop your car or truck from bouncing up and down after hitting a bump. They are a major contributor to your ride comfort and safety.
    The very first thing to know about timely suspension system diagnosis is that the stability and steering control of your vehicle and, what is more important, your safety on the road depends on how often you make it. Automotive suspension belongs to one of those car systems that are constantly exposed to high loads and thus are prone to wear and tear. Most...
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    2010 Jeep Patriot | Posted by Danko | (Cochabamba, AA)

    Looks good, but i'll tell you after next road trip.

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