Jeep CJ Dash Covers

The Jeep CJ hasn’t even been in production or almost 30 years, so there’s no way we could possibly have a dashboard cover for you, right? Wrong! We understand that your vehicle’s interior dash probably isn’t in the best condition no matter how well you’ve kept it, because wear and tear is going to happen no matter how careful you are.

Whether you’re in the market for a dash cover that matches the interior of your vehicle perfectly, or you’d rather match your style and personality with a dash cover that’s wild and crazy. Or even if you’d like a dash cover that matches your business and flaunts your name for your clients and anybody else that walks by your vehicle to see; we’ve got a cover that will suit your needs. And you won’t need to worry about cutting off excess folds or fabric because our spectacular computer systems design the covers so well, that we promise a perfect fit. When we send you your new dash cover, we’ll also send some adhesive tape, but you might not even need it!

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