Jeep Cherokee Chassis Frames

One of Jeep’s most successful models, the compact and agile Cherokee brought “sport” into the “Sport Utility Vehicle”. Making its debut in 1984, the nimble SUV was a godsend for drivers requiring some 4x4 capability without the huge size and massive fuel consumption, the traits of the typical truck of the era. The unibody chassis design of the Cherokee, as well as the purebred Jeep drivetrains and suspensions made it an excellent choice for a practical, yet easy to handle car. This SUV was unparalleled off-road while remaining an engaging vehicle to drive on the pavement due to its sporty ride and responsive handling. In production for almost two decades, the Cherokee can be now found on the trails and highways all over US, and the latest Cherokee model promises to be a great vehicle for new crossover shoppers.

Keep your sturdy Cherokee strong and running with our stock of quality Jeep Cherokee chassis frames, door, seat and window frames, mount brackets, bushings and weatherstripping. The well-maintained and solid chassis as well as various support hardware we provide are crucial for your Cherokee, ensuring the correct placement and operation of all the internal components. We’ve got only the top-notch parts by renowned aftermarket suppliers – feel free to browse our store and pick the finest parts for your Jeep.

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