Jeep Bluetooth Kits

Despite the necessity to sometimes use your cell phone while behind the wheel, your driving should always be safe. However making phone calls when driving may not only be dangerous but also illegal. A Bluetooth enabled device connected to your Jeep’s Bluetooth kit will help you solve the problem. Using a Bluetooth enabled smartphone lets you make phone calls hands-free with the help of the headset or external microphone/speaker or play music from your device through your vehicle’s speakers. Thus you can always keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road no matter what. Bluetooth kits are available in a number of styles, they feature easy connectivity and can be powered by the cigarette lighter or a 12V port. Most Bluetooth kits also have Micro SD and USB readers that allow you to play the music from your musical player.

We aim to supply our customers with Jeep Bluetooth kits of the finest possible quality. For that reason we cooperate with a number of acclaimed aftermarket brands known and respected worldwide. Pac, Cobra, Naxa are just a few of the whole range of trustworthy companies that daily replenish our assortment with products of outstanding quality. Browsing through our vast selection of Jeep Bluetooth kits, you are sure to find the right products you need. Tempting prices, ultimate quality and easy installation – Bluetooth kits available in our store are made to meet the demands of even the most exacting customers.

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Invented in 1994 by the Swedish company Ericson, "Bluetooth" technology uses radio waves to send information wirelessly between one or more devices located in very close physical proximity. While AM/FM radio signals, satellite transmissions, television, and cell phones also use radio waves, Bluetooth uses the unlicensed but regulated 2.4 - to 2.485 Gigahertz band...