Jaguar XE-Type Performance Exhausts

About Jaguar XE-Type Performance Exhaust Systems

The Jaguar XE-Type’s design is timeless and reeks of refined elegance. You can keep its performance timeless as well by modifying its exhaust system. A brand new performance exhaust system will do the trick. You cannot rely on the stock exhaust system to boost engine performance because it is not designed for that. In fact, the stock exhaust system’s function in the car is so far removed from the functions of a custom exhaust system that the two have very little in common. As much as the stock exhaust system is put in place to facilitate the flow of exhaust, it is also meant to stifle most of the engine’s powerful sound. Since more emphasis is placed in making it effective at controlling engine sound, it ends up not being so good at promoting exhaust flow, an unfortunate design flaw that leads to loss of engine power. The Jaguar XE-Type custom exhaust system is designed to correct this. It promotes maximum flow of exhaust and in this way enables the engine to generate more power.

Jaguar XE-Type aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to bolt right into place and feature great workmanship and fitment. As a result, they fit right into the engine cylinder and do not leak. Expect between 5% and 10% extra horsepower and torque when you’ve installed the custom exhaust system. The extra torque and power boosts the car’s towing power, and you will enjoy driving faster and pulling through tough road conditions with ease. The Jaguar XE-Type custom exhaust sound is simply mind blowing. Perfectly balanced in pitch and tone, it gives a ferocious roar that only serves to highlight the powerful XE-Type engine. Buying a custom Jaguar XE-Type exhaust system is good economy because it’s a product that lasts over the years without ever losing its high performance edge.

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