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    2010 Jaguar XF
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    "Perfect fit, easy installation, no issues. No increase in performance noted (did not really expect any with just a direct filter replacement), but was very pleasantly surprised to find I've consistently gained 1.2 MPG in real-world driving - very unexpected!"

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    "This filter is very high quality and installation was easy and fit well. Kind of expensive but the quality and performance makes up for it. Haven't had it long enough to test it's 100,000 mile guarantee but I'm sure it'll hold up."

    2012 Jaguar XF
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    "This product lives up to its claims. I use K&N filters on all my automobiles, Shelby GT500, 66 AC Cobra and now my 2012 Jag. The performance improvement is noticeable and the filters have never let me down. made the purchase easy, provided excellent value and ensured the delivery was made in a timely fashion. I highly recommend both K&N filters and"