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Keeping your car safe from weather, dents, scratches and dust is important for all car owners. Thankfully, you can browse through tons of Isuzu Oasis car covers at CARiD to find the best indoor or outdoor cover for you. The Weather HD Car Cover by Coverking was developed for long-term storage in intense sun environments. It repels water and also blocks dust, tree sap and bird poop from harming your car. The Custom Weathershield HP was created for all-weather conditions. It sheds moisture to stop not only dirt and tree sap but also dust from passing through. The Custom Evolution Cover is naturally moisture resistant to beat the effects of industrial pollutants, rain, dust, dirt and bird droppings. Its 4-layer non-woven polypropylene provides maximum protection in all weather conditions. The patented fiber encapsulation process of the Custom Reflec’tect allows it to prevent dust from going under the fabric, while still protecting against weather, scratches and dings. A leader in performance and quality, the mid-priced Custom Multibond Block It 200 is moisture, dust and UV-resistant.

Outdoor storage can be a bit harder to protect from, which is why Coverking has many covers to help. Their Silverguard Cover keeps your car intact from harsh elements, UV rays, extreme heat, rain, dirt, moderate snow and water. The Silverguard Plus is a cozy cover that fits your car perfectly while protecting against everything but extreme weather conditions. For protection against UV rays, dust, pollutants, light hail, dents and scratches, the Coverbond 4 from Coverking is right for you. The Autobody Armor, also by Coverking, has maximum water resistance and UVR protection. It stretches to fit like a glove around your car. If you car is stored indoors, then get the Satin Stretch to protect from rust, mold and mildew that moisture build-up can cause. Its soft inner layer also keeps the paint fresh and scratch free.

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