Isuzu I-Series License Plates

About Isuzu I-Series License Plates

The Isuzu I-Series license plates available at CARiD are exclusive in that they have been skillfully engineered by the country’s most experienced professionals and then crafted from premium materials to ensure maximum professional quality. CARiD has in stock of a wide variety of Isuzu I-Series license plates and frames, well designed to meet the various needs of its clients. Whether you are a practical-minded customer, an enthusiast who appreciates the Transformer’s heritage or even you just want to add ultimate shine to your car, CARiD will surely meet your need. The license plates at the store have been created by renowned names in the industry such as AutoGold, Autoloc, DWD, License 2 Bling, WeatherTech, AMI and Defenderworx. There are two types of license plate accessories at CARiD. That is, plates and frames.

Tiger Eyes Logo on Blue Laser Cut License Plates by DWD is a perfect example of an I-Series license plate that is made of Plexiglas. The plexi is backed with a premium hard rubber coating for durability. This license plate has wonderful features which include predrilled holes, a hard rubber backing, and a vinyl logo that is covered with polyresin. It fits standard license plate frames. The bolt holes are precut in the same pattern as normal plates, so it will fit in any standard license plate location or frame. The Flame Style License Plate Frame with Ball-Milled Tag by AMI is an Isuzu I –Series license plate that is crafted from a solid sheet of aluminum and fits all vehicles with standard license plates. Frames are available in choices of plain or flamed style with tag light only, brakes light only or with tag and brake lights combined. This license plate is easy to install and you can choose either brushed or polished finish.

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