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    • Melling Camshaft Lifter Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # sp11916
      Camshaft Lifter Kit by Melling. New Melling lifters should always be part of a new camshaft installation. To make selection of the desired combination of camshaft and lifters easier, Melling offers Camshaft / Lifter Kits that...
      $129.58 - $566.42
    • K&N Premium Wrench-Off Oil Filter
      (2 reviews)
      # sp9009
      Premium Wrench-Off Oil Filter by K&N. Never wrestle with a stuck oil filter again. The Wrench-Off Canister Oil Filter can be easily removed with a socket or wrench.
      $7.26 - $55.08
    • Melling High-Volume Oil Pump
      (2 reviews)
      # sp11918
      High-Volume Oil Pump by Melling. Melling oil pumps provide dependable performance every time in every application.
      $39.89 - $161.42
    • Dayco PowerBond Race Series Harmonic Balancer
      (0 reviews)
      # sp6029
      PowerBond Race Series Harmonic Balancer by Dayco. This product is designed to bring all the advantages of bonded balancers to high revving and high horsepower street/race applications where an SFI approved balancer is required....
      $112.88 - $644.97
    • Dayco Supercharger Performance Harmonic Balancer
      (0 reviews)
      # sp6031
      Supercharger Performance Harmonic Balancer by Dayco. Specially developed for high performance supercharged engines, this product by Dayco features a high pressure bonded dampening runner for maximum torque resistance and twin...
      $197.69 - $470.92
    • GReddy Intercooler
      (0 reviews)
      # sp10285
      Intercooler Kit by GReddy. The addition of a GReddy intercooler is one of the best ways to safely increase horsepower in a turbocharged engine. By reducing the engine's inlet temperatures, a denser air charge will enter the engine;...
      $256.50 - $1,615.00
    • GReddy LS-Spec Intercooler
      (0 reviews)
      # sp10287
      LS-Spec Intercooler by GReddy. The addition of a GReddy intercooler is one of the best ways to safely increase horsepower in a turbocharged engine. By reducing the engine's inlet temperatures, a denser air charge will enter the...
      $256.50 - $693.50
    • Spectra Premium Intercooler
      (0 reviews)
      # sp5351
      Intercooler by Spectra Premium. The intercooler cools the compressed air from the supercharger or turbocharger to create a denser air intake charge and more efficient combustion. This intercooler features superior bar & plate vacuum...
      $118.64 - $1,043.53
    • Flex-a-lite Engine Oil Cooler
      (0 reviews)
      # sp3085
      It is designed to lower the temperature of the engine and transmission oil and thus extend the life of your engine, transmission, as well as the life of related components and the oil itself. The small size of the cooler makes it...
      $90.55 - $140.71
    • Flex-a-lite Engine Oil Cooler Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # sp14181
      Protect your investment and save on costly repairs. With this part installed in your vehicle, youll be able to reduce engine oil temperatures and thus protect your engine, as well as extend the lifespan of the oil. The oil cooler is...
      $255.23 - $258.81
    • GReddy Oil Cooler Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # sp10283
      Oil Cooler Kit by GReddy. GReddy/GREX Oil Cooler Kits help prolong the life of your oil and in turn your internal engine components. Hard driving causes higher engine temperatures. GReddy/GREX oil coolers are an excellent addition,...
      $608.00 - $1,330.00
    • Hayden Ultra-Cool Engine Oil Cooler Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # sp5707
      Ultra-Cool Engine Oil Cooler Kit by Hayden. Protect your vehicle and save on costly engine repairs with this product. With the Ultra-Cool Engine Oil Cooler Kit by Hayden, you will be able to reduce high oil temperatures, extending...
      $76.97 - $123.23
    • COMP Cams Rocker Arm
      (2 reviews)
      # sp3317
      Rocker Arm by COMP Cams.
      $6.13 - $1,613.72
    • Melling Timing Chain Damper
      (0 reviews)
      # sp11915
      Damper by Melling. Melling timing chain dampers are available as an individual part and also as a part of a timing set. Every Melling damper is designed and built to meet or exceed OEM requirements for the application. Melling...
      $6.92 - $36.64
    • GReddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # sp10284
      Oil Filter Relocation Kit by GReddy. Oil Fiter Relocation Kits allow you to relocate the factory oil filter for easy maintenance with a sporty look. Billet adapters allow for easy installation of gauge sensors, such as oil pressure...
      $61.75 - $270.75

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    • Performance Engine Cooling
      Auxiliary Oil Coolers Keep Engine Oil Temperature Under Control
      You may have seen Performance Engine Oil Coolers for sale on our website or elsewhere, and your first reaction may have been "who needs one of those? Not I." We can't say we blame you if your presumption is that either a) your engine is cooled by liquid antifreeze/coolant, so this thing can't be for you; or b) the word "performance" led you to conclude that hot-rodders are the primary target for these add-ons. In fact, if you tow a trailer, or tend to load up your SUV to the max, or drive at high speeds in very hot summer climes, you just might be the real target customer for an engine oil cooler. Allow us to provide some educational background on motor oil, and the critical roles (plural) it plays. Please read on!
    • Replacement Engine Parts
      Fan Belt? Alternator Belt? Serpentine Belt? Similarities and Differences
      Look up "fan belt" in any modern automotive dictionary, and you'll typically find a definition that reads, "An endless belt used to transmit power from a crankshaft-driven pulley to a pulley driving the fan, alternator, or other engine accessory. It is usually V-shaped in cross section with the point of the V fitting into a groove in the pulley".
    • Replacement Engine Parts
      Timing Gears, Chains And Belts Keep Your Camshaft Correctly Timed!
      Does your ride have timing gears, a timing belt, or a timing chain? Is one better than the other? And perhaps most importantly, do I need to be concerned about the recommendation to replace the timing belt at a certain mileage interval? Welcome to our discussion of "engine timing".
    • Replacement Engine Parts
      Glossary of Engine Internal Parts
      Internal combustion engines are extremely complex and feature a wide array of components that rotate, move up and down, pump, seal, or remain stationary. When repairing or rebuilding your engine, you will come across many different terms when referencing repair manuals and ordering parts. We know it can be confusing, especially when the repair is complex. Even if you are paying a professional to do the work, it’s good to be conversant with the topic. In order to help you understand the terminology of engine components, we’ve created the following glossary, listed in alphabetical order.

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