Isuzu Axiom Trailer Hitches

About Isuzu Axiom Trailer Hitches

The Isuzu Axiom has diverse trailer hitches compared to most other car models. This could be largely attributed to the fact that the vehicle is designed to carry heavy weights. It is for this reason that they have trailer hitches like the Class Three Max trailer hitch with a tongue weight of 350 lbs and operates on the platform of weight distributing hitches. These types usually have a large tongue weight. Convenient hitch accessories for the Isuzu Axiom include the quick ball mount for two receivers which goes well with heavy trailers as it is easily mounted and also supports large loads. Other hitch accessories commonly mounted on the Axiom are the forged allow steel lunette eye drawbar, forged shank combo and the combo pintle hook. These usually blend well with the gross trailer weight and the tongue weight to bring about convenience when trailing and towing. These also tend to be safe due to the number of frame attachments, it is well proven that trailers with many frame attachments tends to be stronger.

When hauling, the vehicle’s weight and the trailer’s weight should not exceed the manufacturer’s gross combined weight rating, as this makes the vehicle unstable. As Isuzu Axiom trailer hitches are custom made, it is easy to tell the weight capacity of each. Moreover, the manufacturers indicate the hitch class and weight carrying and tongue weight capacity limits. For instance, Class 1 and Class 2 trailer hitches carry light loads with convenience. The hitch carrier for two receivers also comes in handy for light loads. This type usually holds load safely. It is also easily mounted, meaning less effort is needed to load cargo. Whatever your towing needs, you will find a trailer hitch that is appropriate for you and your Axiom. Check out the wide variety of Isuzu Axiom trailer hitches available at CARiD to choose.

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