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If you own a performance vehicle, then you understand how important it is to keep it running at its best. This means you want to make sure each component is doing what it should do, and replacing parts when they are no longer working properly is a priority. However, many parts seem to be forgotten about despite their importance, and one of those are intercooler hoses running underneath the hood.

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While the turbo is the power booster on your vehicle’s engine, it does have one big side effect: hot air. When it compresses the air as much as it does, it also heats this air, and if it was sent immediately into the cylinders to be combined with fuel, you would have an overheating engine and no power. So, the intercooler sits between the turbo and cylinders to cool that air, and it receives and sends this air via specially designed intercooler hoses.

Intercooler hoses are unlike normal hoses because they need to be able to handle both hot and cool air, and they need to be able to handle the large amounts of high pressure air they need to transfer. This means they are usually much thicker than other hoses on the engine, and are usually made of materials like copper, stainless steel or even certain types of plastic. They are wider than normal for the large amounts of air, and they need to bend around smoothly to allow them to fit in the engine bay without causing problems with the flow of air.

Because intercooler hoses are under so much pressure to be perfect, there are a number of problems that can occur with them when they get old. Of course, the most common problem is cracks or holes, and this is caused either through age or because they are installed in such a way as to cause them to rub against hot or sharp components. They can also lose some of their thickness after years of use, which means they are no longer able to keep the air as cool as they were originally designed to.

These problems are serious but can often be found quite easily, even when you are not looking for them. One way to identify them early is to visually inspect them when you are checking other parts of the engine, and if you see them rubbing against other components then you should try to change that. You can also check for holes along their paths, and if you find them then replacing them is usually your best option. When they become very damaged then you may even notice a lack of power, because the air is becoming warm, or an overheating engine because the air is still hot from the turbo.

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2012 Mitsubishi Evolution
| Posted by | (Greenville, PA)

I've always used quality brand-name silicone hoses. I feel they are an upgrade. Silicone hoses do not split and explode like rubber ones. Thank you guys for what you are doing!

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