Infiniti Q70 Bike Racks

About Infiniti Q70 Bike Racks

Infiniti vehicles stand out by their excellent performance and luxury. Still real auto enthusiasts know that Infiniti cars have much more than just a luxurious design. The Infiniti Q70 is no exception. This car is a combination of luxury, comfort, and power. Still it cannot meet all your needs if you are a cycling enthusiast. The matter is that carrying your bike somewhere can be a problem if you don't have a bike rack. You can use your trunk to transport a bicycle, but it can only add mishaps. Your bike and trunk's surface can be scratched and dented.

If you have an Infiniti Q70 bike rack, you can easily avoid such problems. This auto accessory is designed to fix your bike and prevent its damage. If you choose a roof-mounted bike rack, you will need roof racks to instal it. You are offered roof bike racks with tray to cradle the rear wheel in place and clamps for the front fork assembly. If you decide to buy a trunk-mounted bike rack, your finish on vertical and horizontal trunk lid surfaces will be protected by hook straps and protective pads. Moreover, these racks have an easy-to-use plastic lever that adjusts bike rack level angle. Last but not least, you can buy an Infiniti Q70 hitch-mounted bike rack that is mounted on the hitch or hitch-ball of your vehicle. However, they don't block access to your trunk. Whatever rack you choose for your Infiniti, you will get excellent quality and superb craftsmanship with each product.

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