Infiniti M30 Performance Brakes

    About Infiniti M30 Performance Brakes, Pads & Rotors

    Your M30 is designed to give you a fun ride but it’s starting to get older which means that you’re thinking about how to have it running at its best. The solution is of course performance upgrades because they can return your vehicle to its glory or have it running even better than it did when it was brand new and you’ve come to the right place because we have everything you need. Our Infiniti M30 brakes, brake hoses, pads and rotors are obviously some of the most important upgrades you’ll find and they offer great value.

    Your brakes are obviously important on the road but they’re also important to your budget because the right aftermarket brake set up can save you maintenance costs in the long term. We have everything you need whether you’re looking to upgrade certain components or perhaps use better performing pads than the standard ones or whether you want to completely change your braking set up so that you can improve the track times in your beast. Brands like Brembo, EBC and Hawk ensure that you get some of the best quality in the world and they cost you less than you would expect!

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    Disc brake rotors (aka 'rotors') are the actual discs that brake pads clamp onto, creating friction that slows a vehicle. Disc brake rotors bolt on over the axle hub and contain holes that allow wheel mounting bolts to pass through and rotate with the wheels. Since there are many rotor styles and designs specially created for every budget and need, we’ve listed...
    Squealing noise upon brake application is actually caused by a high-frequency vibration of metal rotors, drums, or brake pad backing plates. Excess corrosion that forms over time on non-contact, outer perimeter areas of rotors and drums is a prime cause because rust is looser and less dense in nature – therefore, more likely to create resonation.
    Infiniti M30 was available in the following models: