Infiniti I30 Performance Exhausts

About Infiniti I30 Performance Exhaust Systems

Get the best out of your Infiniti i30 engine with a brand new performance exhaust system from CARiD. Each exhaust system sold at the store is tested in the toughest of terrains and road conditions to ensure that it won’t give in under pressure. Aftermarket Infiniti i30 Exhaust Systems are designed differently from the stock exhaust system. They are larger with wider pipes and no twists in their form. Their primary role in the car is to enhance exhaust flow by opening up the exhaust route for increased velocity and volume. With used gases leaving the engine at a faster rate, the engine can freely intake clean air and fuel for power generation. The Infiniti i30 stock exhaust’s design sharply contrasts the custom exhaust. Much smaller in design, it has narrower exhaust pipes and numerous bends within its various components which restrict the free flow of exhaust gases, leading to reduced power output. Replacing the entire stock exhaust with an aftermarket one is the only way to optimize exhaust flow and increase power output.

Buy the exhaust system that is built for your engine in order to maximize on the power advantages. You have plenty of options for direct replacement i30 exhaust systems and exhaust headers, mufflers, catalytic converters and tailpipe kits from manufacturers such as Gibson, Flowmaster, MagnaFlow and Weapon-R. Complete Infiniti i30 Exhaust Systems give between 5% and 10% extra horsepower. All exhaust systems at CARiD are custom designed to be an exact match for every Infiniti M35 engine. Perfect fitment and matching specifications to those of the i30 engine give a stress-free installation and ensure streamlined coordination between exhaust system and the engine. You will appreciate the throaty rumble from the new exhaust system, which is far removed from the stock exhaust monotone.

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