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    2011 Infiniti G Is One of the Most Upscale Midsize Cars
    2011 Infiniti G Is One of the Most Upscale Midsize Cars

    The 2011 Infiniti G is recognized as one of the most upscale midsize cars according to US news. Basing on the analysis of 60 published reviews, the analysis of reliability and safety data, and Infiniti G test drives, the model has taken the fourth place out of 21 among upscale midsize cars. Featuring low price, sporty drive, and the luxurious interior, the model has something for everyone. Three different body syles are offered in the G lineup , which are sedan, coupe, and convertible, as well as three different engines (making from 218 hp to 348 hp). The 2011 Infiniti G is available as rear- or all-wheel drive.

    As stated by reviewers, this car can please every potential buyer due to its array of options. Being identified as a performance car, Infiniti G is luxurious and comfortable for city driving as well. Combining luxury and fun, Infiniti G is not as soft as the Lexus ES or as hardcore as the BMW 3-Series. Moreover, the G's interior pleases tech lovers with easy-to-use electronics not requiring a Ph.D to operate.

    Consumer Guide considers that such advantages of Infiniti G sedan as available all-drive, performance, and prices that undercut its rivals make the model stand out in its category. As stated by Edmunds, Infiniti G sedan is an excellent choice for those who are looking for the most power for the least amount of money.