Infiniti FX45 Dash Covers

About Infiniti FX45 Dash Covers

The Infiniti FX45 wasn’t in production for very long, and no matter which model it is that you drive, it’s probably starting to show the inevitable signs of wear and tear that every interior experiences over time. Even if you’ve been super careful not to scratch your dashboard, it’s probably still starting to fade form sitting outside in the elements and having the sun beat down on it. Also, maybe you’ve noticed a distracting glare while driving around on a sunny day? This is caused by the sun reflecting off of your factory dashboard and into your windshield. So why not save both your dash and your eyes by investing in one of our many dashboard covers?

Our prices are so affordable and we give you so many options to choose from that it may be hard to pick just one. Since our dash covers fit so incredibly well that you may not even need to use the tape we send you, you could purchase more than one dash cover and switch them out whenever the mood strikes you. You’ll be the envy of everyone you know (and people that you don’t) because our cover will make your dash look more than brand new again!

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