Infiniti FX35 Sun Shades

About Infiniti FX35 Sun Shades

The small things are the ones that make the difference. There are factors we don’t usually take into account because we don’t actually understand their influence. For instance, the sun rays seem to be harmless for the car, but they deal a lot of damage to the interior of the vehicle if you leave it in the sun light for many hours. The plastic parts are especially hazardous when exposed to high temperatures: the chemicals they consist of are released and the windshield gets gradually covered by a dim film. The appearance of the wooden, leather and rubber items is easily spoiled as well – they become covered in cracks and look worn out a lot earlier than their term of usage expires. All of these factors can reduce the price you will be able to ask for your car when you decide to sell it.

The Infiniti FX35 sun shades serve to keep the sunlight from entering your vehicle when you park it in the open. The advanced three layer structure ensures that the accessory remains functional for an extended period of time; the top layer coated in silver ensures that the ultraviolet rays don’t penetrate the barrier. The accessory occupies almost no space in the trunk when it is rolled up and fixed in place by a Velcro strip. has everything you need for a comfortable driving experience.