About Infiniti Etherea

    Nissan's division Infinity has unveiled the Infiniti Etherea, a new concept car, at the 81st Geneva Motor Show in 2011. The front-wheel-drive hatchback combines driving performance and style. The Etherea is going to arrive around 2016. The car mates elements of several vehicles: the elegance of a coupe, space of a sedan, and height of a crossover. The Etherea shares the same platform as the Renault Megane and Nissan Quashqai. It is rather compact, and having the length of 173.2 inches, it's similar in size with the Lexus CT200h and only an inch longer than the BMW 1-Series. The Etherea is space-efficient and practical due to a new layout and advanced access arrangements. The Audi A3, BMW 1-Series, Lexus CT200h, and Mercedes-Benz A-Class have been determined as the Etherea's direct competitors in the segment. The production of the Infiniti Etherea is to be started in early 2014.

    The four-seat Etherea is front-wheel-drive with a CVT (continuously variable transmission) that features standard, eco, sport, and snow modes. The Etherea comes with a supercharged 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine generating 245 hp, which provides strong acceleration and quick response. The performance is enhanced by an independent suspension, regenerative braking and advanced drive-by-wire hydraulic/electric steering. So, the Etherea takes off rather briskly. The exterior of the Etherea is distinguished by its individuality. The aggressive eyebrows over the headlights make the front-end attentive and focused. The grille is a rather attractive part as it is illuminated in Infiniti's signature purple. The glass roof opens a spacious view of the sky. The Etherea borrowed the C-pillar with a pronounced backward kink from the Infiniti M. Four wide-opening doors, with a rear-hinged at the back, offer a feeling of openness.

    The Etherea promises to be very comfortable inside. The driver will enjoy a large round tachometer on the left and concentric arcs to the right displaying speed, fuel level and hybrid-system info. A nav screen is put near the windshield. The driver can control HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and infotainment functions through the screen on the center stack. The Etherea gets a futuristic look by means of blue illumination on the doors and in the instrument panel. There's no center console which connects the dash to the futuristic shifter. Infiniti explains they're fine with the open look of the center console till they have space to hoard the controls. Though the Etherea has taken care of the front seating position, it will need working on the packaging in case the car will come as two plus two. There isn't much room behind the front seats. The four separate seats look great, but still they're just a concept-car decoration.

    The Infiniti Etherea can be described as a four-door coupe with five-door practicality – a hatchback that is not really it. The Etherea is a new kind of luxury for young buyers. This is a unique concept, powerful and muscular in motion. The Etherea with its exquisite futuristic design will no doubt turn heads. Notwithstanding the production car won't have carbon-fiber skin of the concept, it will have enough accessories to boast with.

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