Volant Donaldson’s® PowerCore ™ Filtration Technology Air Filters

Part # Flange Inside Dia. (F) Base Outside Dia. (B) Top Outside Dia. (D) Hight (H) Style
615014.5"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615025"8"8"8"Straight Angle
615037" L x 5.75" W9.5" L x 6" W9.5" L x 6" W7.5"Oval
615044"8"8"8"Straight Angle
615064.5"8"8"8"Straight Offset Angle
615075.5"8"8"8"Straight Angle
615086"8"8"8"Straight Offset Angle
615094"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615103.5"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615113"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615125"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615136"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615144.5"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615155.5"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615167"8"8"6"Straight Angle
615176"8"8"8"Slant Offset Angle
615183.5" to 3.5"6"6"8"Straight Double End
615195.75"6"6"7"Straight Angle
615206" to 6"6"6"7"Straight Double End