Truck Covers USA is an innovative, focused and highly motivated organization. Each product they sell and the satisfaction of each and every customer with that product is important to them. The company is committed to providing quality products with efficient and friendly service. To meet the challenge of providing a solution, and developing an infrastructure that will manage any other problems that might arise is a feat that few have achieved. At Truck Covers USA, their challenge is more than this. Their challenge is to consistently and effectively provide solutions for business. The team is dedicated to maintaining the high standards and quality of the products, training their staff to remain educated on all levels of company activities, and to continuing their research and development so that they will always offer superior products at competitive prices.


Truck Covers USA strives to revolutionize by blazing a new trail in product usage, design, development, thinking, and application of business solutions. The company believes that the ability to change those things with which they have become so comfortable, is one of the hardest challenges of all. It is much easier to simply accept situations as they are and not look for new and better ways of doing things. Acceptance however, does not allow for brilliance, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and solutions, all of which are what sets Truck Covers USA apart from the competition.


By becoming a results-driven organization, Truck Covers USA is at the forefront of product development through the utilization of specifically researched and tested materials. These quality products and an exceptional research and development department, allow the company to provide the market with the individual solutions that are required. With innovation as a basis for success, Truck Covers USA strives to develop new products for new markets, and is only satisfied when their full potential has been realized.


Truck Covers USA is dedicated to building superior truck covers using tomorrow's technology and innovation while competing at today's prices. They insist on a highly trained staff, cutting edge design, state of the art materials and undivided attention to the smallest details. The company's success is measured by customer satisfaction, and their decisions are driven by both consumer feedback and their passion for excellence.

Truck Covers - Sema Awards


Truck Covers USA has been selected by a panel of international judges for introducing one of the best new products at the 2006 and 2009 SEMA Show. The company is among an elite group of brands to receive one of the SEMA Show's highest honors. The voting panel reviewed over 2000 new products that where introduced at the 2006 and 2009 show.



All products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a two (2) year period, from the date of the product being purchased by the original purchaser only.
Liability is limited to replacement of parts found to be defective by Truck Covers USA or a designated, qualified representative.
Truck Covers USA does not accept any responsibility in connection with the installation of any of its products by its dealers or agents.
This limited warranty excludes all labor, paint, and installation charges. This limited warranty also excludes any loss from water damage or theft. This limited warranty further excludes any defect caused by damage in transit, abuse, neglect, accident, parts that have been altered, or parts that have been installed incorrectly.
Truck Covers USA, through its authorized dealer, will repair or replace at no expense to the purchaser (excluding labor costs), defects resulting from the manufacturing process. Labor costs to replace defective parts are the responsibility of the purchaser.
Not included in this limited warranty are defects resulting from improper installations, abuse, misuse, product modifications, accidents, negligence or deterioration of the finish caused by improper maintenance or exposure to chemicals and/or other unusual environmental conditions.
This limited warranty does not extend in any way to accessories or parts not produced by Truck Covers USA. Truck Covers USA does not assume any responsibility for any consequential or incidental damages.
This limited warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and of all other obligations or liabilities to the limited warranty holder on the part of Truck Covers USA. Truck Covers USA neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for Truck Covers USA any other liability in connection with the sale of this product. Without regard to an alleged defect of its products, Truck Covers USA under any circumstances does not assume responsibility for loss of time, inconvenience, revenue, or other consequential damage including, but not limited to, expenses for telephone, food, lodging, travel, loss or damage to the vehicle the products are installed on or loss or damage to personal property of the purchaser or user of the products.


LIMITED WARRANTY CLAIMS: To make a claim under this limited warranty, the claiming party must contact the dealer from whom the product was purchased and inform it of the defect.

If the Truck Covers USA product was purchased through a mail order firm or any other outlet which excluded the service of installation and the installation was performed by anyone other than an authorized dealer of Truck Covers USA, LLC, the limited warranty coverage is limited to replacement of parts only.
To make a claim, you must first contact Truck Covers USA, LLC and a determination will be made as to whether it will be necessary to return the product to Truck Covers USA. The part must be properly packaged and returned at the expense of claimant to Truck Covers USA/ Limited Warranty Department. A brief description of the problem must be enclosed inside the packaging. If the part(s) are found to be defective, a new part(s) will be shipped to you at the expense of Truck Covers USA, LLC, (within continental USA only).

LIMITED WARRANTY RETURNS: All Returns must be prior approved by Truck Covers USA. Upon Request, to Truck Covers USA, and after approving the return, Truck Covers USA will issue an RGA number. No returns will be accepted without an RGA number (Return Goods Authorization) obtained from Truck Covers USA. The RGA number must appear on the outside of the package and on all shipping documents.


SHIPMENT: All prices are FOB San Diego, California. Orders will be shipped by truck. Truck Covers USA is not able to ship its covers via UPS (United Parcel Service). Merchandise received damaged via shipping and/or any shortages must be reported within 48 hours of receipt if damage is concealed. All original packaging must be held for inspection. If, however, shipment is delivered/shipped by truck and arrives with visible damage (not concealed damage) you are required to refuse the delivery and notify Truck Covers USA immediately, otherwise once you accept your order, you take full responsibility for damage.