T-Rex has been designing and manufacturing quality aftermarket grilles in the USA for well over 10 years. Their most well known products are the Traditional Billet Grilles, Mesh Grilles and their extreme "X-Metal Series" grilles.

Every grille begins with their state-of-the-art designing process; computer precision laser cutting and CAD engineered forming process. Then each grille is hand assembled in a custom jig and TIG welded to ensure a strong and clean weld. The grille is then finished in your choice of durable "Sinister" Gloss Black Powdercoat or "Electro-Polished" Stainless Steel for a mirror finish.

T-Rex grilles are a great styling upgrade but they also have a practical use. Many late model trucks have large openings in the OEM bumper assemblies that expose expensive components like intercoolers, AC condensers and radiators to damage from road debris. T-Rex grilles help guard these components against rocks or other foreign objects that could cause damage resulting in costly repairs.

The quality and precision fit of T-Rex grilles is the product of years of experience. With a T-Rex grille, you not only have a grille that stands out from the competition, you have a grille that will last.