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IMPROVING YOUR MILEAGE sounds impossible at times for some but there are simple steps that have resulted in actual mileage gains. Those steps include checking your air filter regularly for optimum flow, making sure tires are at the manufacturers recommended pressure, keeping your trunk empty to reduce weight, avoiding wide open throttle starts from a stop, breaking early as you come to a stop, and using the "Mileage XS" program.

The Science Behind Fuel Economy

Being the pioneer of the tuning industry with 28+ years of experience in the field, Superchips provides its customers with the best solutions to their needs from fuel economy to racing. With increasing fuel costs continuing to rise with no sign of a ceiling in sight, Superchips has the solution to improve mileage in your gasoline and Diesel vehicles with their SAVE tuning.

The way they provide gains with their products, be it mileage or performance, is by extensive dynamometer and road testing, all the while making sure that there are no reductions in overall drivability and longevity of the vehicles powertrain in the process.


Here is a brief overview on how Superchips products improve fuel economy.


With the advanced timing of fuel delivery in the SAVE program, you get a more complete burn. A more complete burn is equivalent to getting more power out of your fuel. This is the first way Superchips products serve to increase fuel economy - by getting more power out of the fuel you already use and providing the biggest gains.


When towing or driving up a steep grade, the increased horsepower offered by the Superchips SAVE tune provides your truck with more power in a higher gear. Running in a higher gear consumes less fuel because you downshift less, which lowers your RPMs. This is why Superchips consider their products to offer the best of both worlds - increased horsepower and improved fuel economy. And, as an added benefit, less downshifting not only means improved fuel economy; it can help to prolong the life of your transmission.


Atomization is the process by which a bulk liquid is turned into a spray. Superchips products improve the atomization of your fuel. The company achieves this by increasing fuel pressure, which creates a finer mist. The increased fuel pressure achieved by the Superchips performance electronics improves your fuel's burn efficiency, thereby improving fuel economy by (once again) getting more out of the fuel you use.

Real World Savings

Superchips supplied a number of programmers to the Richard Petty team to use on their Diesel trucks they use for transport of their driving experience race cars to shows and events. See from their own data how the Superchips programming improved their mileage:

Estimated Results Tuning All Eleven RPDE Dodge Trucks with Superchips Cortex programmers

TruckMiles DrivenGallons UsedMPGMiles Per TankFuel Expense
Stock Fleet146,98713,986.4410.41364.29$65,036.95
Tuned Fleet146,98711,684.1812.58440.30$54,331.44
Gallons SavedMPG Pick-upMiles Per Tank Pick-upEstimated Fuel Savings

To pick up almost 20% goes right to the bottom line, not to mention the drivers' satisfaction with the improved power and drivability. Just one of many benefits you will receive when you use a Superchips product.


The following table was developed specifically to demonstrate how much money you can save depending on fuel price and the number of miles you drive per year.

Annual Savings