DO NOT use an automatic washing machine with your Coverking Custom Seat Covers, and DO NOT use any type of bleach. However, dry cleaning is allowed, if desired.
The best way to clean these seat covers is by hand with a liquid, non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaner and clean, soft cloth or sponge at room temperature (68-85 degrees Fahrenheit).
Use a high suction vacuum cleaner to remove as much loose dirt and contaminates from cover. Then, wipe the area to be cleaned with a water-soaked, clean, soft cloth or sponge. Spot spray the soiled area of the seat cover with the proper cleaner (noted above). Gently rub the area with another clean, soft cloth or sponge until the soiled area has released the soil/contaminates.
Dry the cleaned area with a soft, dry, clean cloth and allow to air dry. You can speed up the drying process with an air blower or hair dryer set on "cool" only.

To Clean Entire Seat Cover:

Obtain a non-toxic liquid or powder fabric cleaner recommended for laundering a variety of fabrics. Following the mixing instructions on the cleaner's package, prepare a container suitable for soaking (sink, basin, etc.) and fill with cold or warm water (not to exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit).

Soak the Neoprene Seat Cover in this mixture for a period of five (5) minutes to loosen the embedded dust and dirt particles. After soaking for five minutes, wash the Neoprene Seat Cover thoroughly with a gentle agitation for another five minutes. Finally, rinse the cover in cold water for five minutes and flat dry against an absorbent dry cloth, to soak up any excess water.
DO NOT WRING OUT COVER. Allow to air dry, either by placing flat on a dry surface or by hang drying. You can speed up the drying process with an air blower or hair dryer set on "cool" only.

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