How long is my warranty?
Here at Rhino-Rack we are committed to stand behind every product we sell. The specific warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can either check with one of our professional sales staff directly in your local store, or you can ask The Rack Doctor online for the warranty on specific products.
What type of roof rack do I need to buy to suit my car?

Roof racks are made to work on a majority of the vehicles in the market, however there are specific types of racks for specific models of vehicles. Here is a general guideline to help you determine which roof rack will work best with your vehicle.

Vehicles with rain gutters

Just like the roof of your house some cars have rain gutters. These are the raised sections that run longitudinally along the roof of your car. There are fewer and fewer of these vehicles made these days. A rain gutter mounted roof rack will work on just about all vehicles with rain gutters. You may have to change the length of the cross-bars you are using depending on the width of your vehicle, but more than likely, you can take the rack off 1 vehicle and put it on another.

Gutter-less vehicles

This type of vehicle has what is called aero doors, that is, the doors curve to meet the roofline with no external protrusions. These vehicles have an "internal" rain gutter where the rain gutter is inside the doorframe instead of on top of the roof. The roof rack for this type of vehicle consists of a couple of parts; the "leg" (sits on a rubber pad that rests on the roof) and the "strap" which attaches to the internal rain gutter and holds the roof rack on to your vehicle. The legs used are usually generic in design and made to work on different types of vehicles, whereas the straps are made to fit on specific vehicles. This special fit is required because of the different roofline and doorframe shapes each vehicle has. For wagons and 4WD's that fall into this category the factory style track mount system has proven to be a popular, reliable choice. The 2/3 door hatch vehicle's have few mounting points so the fixed-mount is the chosen option.

Vehicles with factory roof rails

More and more wagons and lately a growing number of 4WD's have rail style roof racks available as an option from the manufacturer. However, the majority of these roof racks are designed strictly for looks and not for function. In order to make the roof rack work, you will need to add a cross-bar kit. Choices are there for economy, aero or commercial designs. If you plan on purchasing a vehicle with a factory.

Vehicles with factory mount points

Some gutter less vehicles have factory provided points within the roof design of the vehicle, which makes for ease of installation in these factory provided points.

What if I don't have rain gutters?
Most modern cars are now made without rain gutters. So, a large proportion of roof rack options are for cars without rain gutters, these incorporate removable and permanent mount designs alike.
Will I get leaks in my vehicle from the roof racks?
When properly installed, roof racks will not cause leaking on the vehicle. All manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that this won't happen. We carefully choose the products that we sell and recommend.
Why is it so expensive, racks used to be cheaper?
Since cars with rain gutters are a dying breed, roof rack manufacturers are no longer able to make one rack that fits all vehicles. Roof Racks must be made to individually fit on vehicles with different shaped rooflines, doorframes and doors. Non-rain gutter roof racks have legs that work on a large number of vehicles, but have vehicle specific "straps" that work on just that one vehicle. With hundreds of different types of vehicles on the market, there are hundreds of different types of "straps". The use by the better manufacturers of long lasting corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel and specific plating compounds ensure long use, but at an increased price. Adding to this increasing complexity of roof racks comes the increased price. However, the most expensive part of a roof rack can be its accessories (bike, ski, luggage) therefore, even if you have to buy a completely new roof rack, the accessories will still be usable on your next set of roof racks in most situations with generic brand racks.
Do I need tools to install my rack?
Most roof racks don't require special tools to fit them to your vehicle. If tools are required, they are usually included with the kit, this is usually as simple as an Allen Key. If you don't want to do the fitting yourself why not use our professional fitting service at your local Rhino-Rack outlet.
Do I need to drill holes to attach my rack?
Unless you are mounting a factory style track system, there is no drilling required. But don't be scared of this process, our professional installers have been expertly trained and used the same methods and materials as that which the vehicle manufacturers employ on the production assembly line.
If I drill holes in my roof will it rust and leak?
With more and more vehicles not having traditional rain gutters the track mount and fixed mount systems are the only option. The manufacturers have kept up with technological advances and we employ those same methods here at Rhino-Rack. Here are the basics of the installation process we employ. By using the roof rack manufacturers recommended mounting positions the racks are carefully aligned on the roof and the location of the mounting holes are marked. These holes are drilled to a safe depth and all waste metal filings are removed from the surrounding areas; (this is highly important). These holes are treated with a specific anti-corrosion paint and a neutral cure silicon compound. The tracks or mounting pads are riveted to the roof surface using a specially formed self-sealing rivet. This is a self-sealing rivet in design, preventing water penetration. So the cleaning process, the anti corrosion treatment, neutral cure silicon compound application and the design of the self sealing rivet all ensure NO RUST, NO LEAKS.
Will roof racks scratch my car?
When properly installed to a clean vehicle roof, the roof rack will not scratch or cause any type of damage to your vehicle. It is recommended that you remove the roof racks and periodically clean the area to prevent the possibility of any surface damage from road grime build-ups.
How can I stop my roof racks from being stolen?
Many racks come standard with security locking devices. If not supplied as standard there are many locking options available on the market.
How much weight can I carry on my roof racks?
When calculating just how much you can carry on your vehicle the best way is to consult your vehicle manual for specific carrying capacities. This can also be determined by the style and brand of roof rack. Check the online Rack Selector or ask the Rack Doctor, either of these will give you the full details.
Are roof racks noisy?
In some instances the fitting of roof racks can alter the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and it would be physically impossible for them to not make some small wind noise. However in many cars we find the road noise from the tyres are louder than the roof racks themselves. If the noise is bothersome, take the rack off when you're not using it.
How long should my rack last?
When properly taken care of, your roof racks should last for the life of the car. In our experience and at the roof rack manufacturers recommendation, if you use your rack consistently, but remove it a few times a year to clean it, it's just not an issue.
Warrantees & Guarantees

Rhino-Rack warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of original retail purchase. This warranty is given to the original retail purchaser and does not apply to re-sale.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product, accidental or malicious damage, misuse or incorrect fitting to the vehicle.

Rhino-Rack agrees to repair or replace (at is option) this product provided that:

  • the product was not misused;
  • the product's failure resulted from a defect in material or workmanship and not from wear normally to be expected in the use of the product;
  • the defective product or parts delivered to Rhino-Rack, accompanied by proof of purchase, post-marked or shipped within 3 years of purchase by the first consumer purchaser.