Razzi® by AAC's Limited Lifetime Warranty is very simple and straight-forward - Razzi® by AAC will replace any their ground effects package or rear deck wing spoiler part with a manufacturing defect regardless of whether it is painted OR not painted; whether it is installed OR it is still in the box. This warranty does not cover: Abuse, Collision, Mismatched paint, Off-Road use or "Racing", Neglect, or parts that have been altered and installed.

Razzi® by AAC has very few problems with their truck lines. However, you must check out your delivery before you accept it. If there is any problem with the product you must immediately contact the trucking company, which delivered your Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects package, so you can file a claim. Closely examine the delivery box for any damage before you accept it from the company delivering it.

You cannot return the Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects package if you change your mind. Manufacturer does not accept returns unless the Ground Effects package is defective.