Modular Society offers a limited lifetime warranty that the wheel core metal structure will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal and reasonable use. Any malfunction or failure caused in shipping or by off-road use, abuse, misuse, road hazards, accident, negligence, or failure to clean and maintain wheels will void this warranty. Wheels that have been altered or repaired, used after improper tire mounting or installation, or used with excessive vehicle loads will also void this warranty.

Modular Society offers a warranty for a period of one (1) year on wheel finish including paint, chrome, as well as any and all other finishes applied by Modular Society before initial wheel delivery. This warranty shall be voided when peeling, flaking or blistering of plating results from improper chemicals used during cleaning, mechanical car wash damage, climate condition or neglect to follow recommended cleaning instructions. This warranty covers one year from a customer's original bill of sale date, or date of repair order when purchased new and installed by a professional automotive retailer. The warranty covers the costs of reā€processing of the chrome and/or painted defects.

All warranty claims and questions pertaining to warranty claims shall be handled directly by Modular Society Wheels.