Why is my vehicle not listed?

Each vehicle application MGP releases must be developed on the actual vehicle at the company's Research & Development (R&D) facility in San Diego. MGP Caliper Covers are designed with a vehicle specific configuration to ensure proper form and fit. They also utilize several brake caliper databases to verify brake calipers that cross over before we release each new application.

Does the caliper cover trap in brake heat?

MGP Caliper Covers actually reduce caliper heat. The Caliper Cover only covers the front of the caliper allowing all heat to escape up through the top of the caliper.

Will the Caliper Covers reduce brake dust?

Customers report a significant decrease in brake dust after installation of MGP Caliper Covers.

Will it fit my wheel?

MGP's Caliper Covers are a close fit form to the caliper. Measure from the back of the wheel to the front of the caliper for 1/8" clearance, or if you can slide 2 quarters between- you have enough space.

Will the paint hold up to the brake heat?

The standard colors of Red, Black and Satin finish are powder coated for high heat, durability and toughness.

Are the Caliper Covers removable for brake service?

Yes. Reverse installation, remove and replace after service.

Can you custom engrave on my Caliper Covers?

Yes. Please send digital images if available. See instructions and e-mail in the Custom Caliper Covers product options.

Can I get them in Factory Colors?

Yes, MGP can match the factory paint with the provided paint code. MGP uses factory paint and clear coat specified by the manufacturer.

Are they difficult to install?

Easy installation. Remove wheel, install caliper cover, reinstall wheel. It's very simple. You should be able to complete the project in about 1/2 hour. Watch an install video.