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Lloyd Mats

Company History

The Leader in custom floor mats since 1978.

Lloyd Mats (Lloyd) is the largest U.S. "all model" manufacturer of custom fit floor mats. The company started business in 1974. In 1978 Lloyd began manufacturing custom floor mats. Custom floor mats are currently the only product manufactured and sold. In 1999 Lloyd's employees purchased 100% of Lloyd's shares under a qualified Employee Stock Ownership Program. Every employee is now also an owner of the company.

Lloyd is housed in a large floor mat manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, California. Mat patterns are stored and cut using AutoCAD controlled, ultrasonic cutting equipment. Lloyd has a pattern for virtually every make and model of car, truck or van sold in the United States from 1960 to the present. Development of embroidery computer programs and the actual mat embroidery are both performed in Lloyd's plant. Lloyd's mats are finished with a color coordinated, nylon velour or vinyl mat edging.

Lloyd has been responsible for many innovations that have become industry standards. Lloyd firsts include:

  • Dyed in emblems, 1978;
  • Flat mat boxes, 1979;
  • Mechanical mat fastening system, 1982;
  • Safety Buckle Mat Fastening System, 1985;
  • Nylon velour edging, 1986;
  • Designs embroidered through the mats, 1987;
  • Non-skid backing, 1991;
  • Vinyl Protector mats, 1992;
  • Recessed embroidered applique emblems, 1992;
  • Snap-A-Mat Fasteners, 1993;
  • O.E. mat fastening system, 1997;
  • TractionBacTM non-slip backing, 1997;
  • HeavyWeightTM extra heavy mat carpet, 1998"
  • branding iron designs on leather patches;
  • Mat fasteners for Volkswagen cars, 1999;
  • Diamond Plate pattern carpet mats, 2001;
  • Rubbertite floor mats in 3500 patterns, 2002.