How Lexani Wheels are Made

The secret behind the high quality and exotic shapes of Lexani Wheel lies in the advanced forging processes used by the company. The forging process changes the shape and the molecular structure of metal. Forging processes combine heating of the metal and applying high pressure to it. This can be done by rolling, hammering, pressing or a combination thereof.
Forging creates a stronger metal structure, and by shaping the blanks in the most advanced forging machines available, Lexani can create stronger, more lightweight and elegant wheels than companies using conventional wheel manufacturing technologies.

Lexani Wheels

1-Piece Monoblock Forged Wheels

"Monoblock" is the industry term for a 1-Piece Forged Wheel. These wheels are made from round bar stock of lightweight alloy, most commonly aerospace quality 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy.
The forging process starts by heating a round flat billet of alloy and pressing it to a rough shape in a forging press.

Lexani Wheels

The piece coming out of the forging press is called a "blank". The blank is put into a flow-forming machine, to form the barrel of the wheel. The wheel barrel is heated and then formed with high-pressure rollers in a rotary forging process. The rollers "flow-form" the barrel, changing not only its shape, but also the structure of the metal. The rolling process aligns the metal grain structure to create a stronger hoop.

Following flow-forming of the barrel, the blank is put into a CNC milling machine for milling of the wheel center to the exact predetermined shape. The wheel is then sent through the finishing processes needed to achieve the final design - plating, polishing and painting.
Monoblock Forged Wheels are lighter than wheels manufactured by other methods.

Forged 3-Piece Wheels

3-Piece Forged Wheels are made the same way as the Monoblock wheels, but in three different pieces. In 3-Piece wheels construction the wheel is made up of The Center, The Outer Hoop (lip) and the Inner Hoop (lip). The three parts are bolted together after the finishing. A silicone seal makes the joint between the two hoops airtight.
By choosing different combinations of outer and inner hoops, a wide variety of rim widths and offsets are offered by the manufacturers.
Customers can combine hoops and centers to achieve the exact measurements they require. Forged 3-Piece Wheels are the most desired by discerning customers as truly perfect fitments can be achieved the wheels are easy to customize by painting or plating 3-piece wheels have the highest resale value for used wheels the wheels are easy to repair if damaged, as the hoops are easy to replace.