Revolutionizing the intake performance market one application at a time, our patent pending MR Technology Process is leading the way. With so many late models cars utilizing the best in technology, making safe, reliable power gains is a concern. These late model vehicles have very sensitive factory a/f ratios, MR Technology will not only allow the intake to be tuned within that factory ratio, but will optimize horsepower and torque gains all around. Through a step down process, MR Technology will regulate the airflow at certain strategic points, ultimately controlling the rate and density. By doing so, the MR Technology process tunes the intake system to avoid the necessity of calibrating MAF sensors. Overall, the MR Technology process was developed in order to compensate for the vast change in technology and the need for safe, reliable performance products.

This graph without the use of MR Technology, reveals a very unstable and lean air/fuel ratio while making high horsepower/torque gains.

When MR Technology is implemented horsepower/torque gains are maximized while air/fuel ratio becomes stabilized.