Why should I buy a GrillCraft Grille instead of one of the other grilles I see on the internet?

Simple! Because GrillCraft Grilles fit!
No other grille company goes to the extremes GrillCraft does to manufacture a sport grille with a true precision frame.
Look at the GrillCraft difference!
Ask any consumer or professional shop that has bought or installed one of those so called mesh grille kits on the internet, only to find out what they received was a piece of mesh with jagged edges, not a actual grille.
GrillCraft has earned the reputation to make the highest quality products that fit. That is why GrillCraft offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products!

I do not see an application for my vehicle, is there another grille kit from another model that will fit?

No, all GrillCraft Grille Kits are designed to fit a specific model. GrillCraft never ever recommends trying to fit a different kit to your vehicle. If you decide to try fitting a kit for your car that is not designed for.

Why don`t you make a Grille Kit for my vehicle?

Please understand that as much as GrillCraft would like to make a kit for every make and model out there, it is simply not possible. When planning for new products the company takes into consideration a sales forecast, based on how many of each specific model was produced by the factory and what kind of customers are attracted to the different vehicle models.

Will GrillCraft Sponsor me??

Every year GrillCraft sponsors a lot of vehicles. The company has a budget to work within and therefore only picks the top candidates. The selection criteria are as follows:

  • - New Products Grillcraft Wants To Feature
  • - Guaranteed Cover Or Editorial Projects
  • - Industry Partner Project Cars.

If you think you qualify for any of the above, send GrillCraft a complete portfolio. It must include good pictures of your car, a list of modifications applied to it and purpose of future plans, including all the past and future shows you have competed or will compete in. Finally, write a formal letter stating who you are, what you are about, and why you think GrillCraft should sponsor your car.

How long will it take to get my order?

Here is a brief explanation of how long your order may take, so you know what to expect. There are a few things to consider when coming up with an ETA for your order.
First of all, when you order from CarID, we will quote you an estimated delivery time. If your parts are in stock, and they are not back ordered, they should leave the warehouse the following day.
Once an order ships, within the U.S., it normally takes anywhere from 1 to 5 business days to arrive.
Check when you place your order, to see if your parts are in stock. If your parts are not in stock, the shipping time will vary depending on the back-order of your parts.
GrillCraft inventories hundreds of Grille Kits, so if it is not on the shelf, it is most likely getting packaged in the GrillCraft packaging department to be put into inventory.
Based on this information, the sooner you place your order, the sooner you will see it on your doorstep. Please do not call GrillCraft directly to get delivery information on parts you ordered from CarID.

Do GrillCraft Products come with any warranty?

Yes, all GrillCraft products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!
GrillCraft warrants all Grille Kits to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use and exposure to environmental elements.
Not covered under warranty is damage to the material or paint as a result of impact or stress.
This is a conditional warranty. Any product deemed to be defective by GrillCraft and returned to GrillCraft will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of GrillCraft. Grillcraft does not assume any financial responsibility for the actual costs incurred for, the removal and replacement labor, freight costs (if any), nor for any incidental expenses or consequential damages that may be incurred.
The expressed limit of GrillCraft liability is for the product replacement. Warranty is limited by the original sales price of the product, as evident by the original purchase order to and the invoice from GrillCraft. Refunds are given only for defective products. GrillCraft will determine whether the product is defective upon receipt of the returned items. All returns must be pre-approved by GrillCraft with a Return Authorization (RA) number.

What is GrillCraft return policy?

All returns must be pre-approved by GrillCraft with a Return Authorization (RA) number. All approved returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. All authorized returns must be shipped within 10 days of issuance of the RA number, and must include a copy of the original invoice or packing slip. All returns should be insured for the full amount by the shipper. All authorized returns must be carefully packed in the original carton when possible. Any additional damage during the return shipment will be the responsibility of the customer. Freight costs for the return will be the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise approved.

Are GrillCraft Grilles easy to install?

Yes, if you are at all mechanically inclined. All Grillcraft parts are packaged with pictured installation instructions.

How do Grillcraft Grille Kits attach to my vehicle?

Grillcraft Grille kits have mounting brackets welded to the grille frame and use a screw with a speed nut fastener for attachment.

Do I have to cut out my bumper or grille area to install the grille?

No cutting is not required on 98% of vehicles with a few exceptions. The Toyota Trucks & SUVs and GMC full size vehicles require that the the center grille is cut out in order to install the GrillCraft grille.

Do all GrillCraft Products come with the hardware I need for installation?

Yes. All the necessary hardware to install the grille, along with step-by-step instructions on how to install each part, comes with every kit.

Does GrillCraft sell universal grille mesh material?

Yes, Grillcraft now has universal grille material available.

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