Flowmaster Technology

Delta Flow® Technology

The Delta Flow mufflers are developed from Flowmaster's line of Delta Force race mufflers, Delta Flow technology provides superior scavenging of exhaust gases even over a comparable standard Flowmaster muffler. By using multiple deflectors, rather than a single deflector, Delta Flow technology provides a cleaner and faster scavenging path. The multiple deflectors eliminate the turbulence found behind the deflector in a single deflector model. These Delta Flow deflectors can only function properly when they've been precisely placed and welded to extremely exact specifications.
By investing in state-of-the-art electronic sensing devices, Flowmaster can now produce mufflers with internal elements placed at tolerances of +/- .004", which is twice the standard required by OEM car manufacturers. In fact, no one in the exhaust business today has tighter specifications.
If you've ever played a musical instrument or watched a piano tuner at work, you understand how slight the differences are between being in-tune and being out-of-tune.
The precision engineering that goes into the Flowmaster Delta Flow mufflers is rewarded with increased horsepower, torque and fuel economy and with reductions of exterior sound levels as well as a decrease of interior resonance inside the vehicle.

This is what makes Delta Flow Technology a Sound Decision™:

  • Resonant Tuning Chamber Captures and cancels specific sound frequencies, reducing resonance inside the vehicle.
  • Power Chamber® Creates a negative pressure that helps scavenge exhaust gases for increased horsepower, torque and fuel mileage.
  • Precision Construction Electronic sensing places components to a tolerance of +/- .004", the tightest specifications in the industry.
  • Low Pressure Balance Chamber blocks power-robbing atmospheric pressure from entering the system.
  • Delta Flow Technology® Provides advanced noise cancellation by separating and recombining pulses at precise phase shifts.


Delta Flow Technology Muffler. The picture shows a 2-chamber muffler incorporating Flowmaster's patented Delta Flow components in the Power Chamber®. The exhaust gases first enters the Resonant Tuning Chamber. This chamber is designed to cancel out specific sound frequencies, thus reducing the resonance inside the vehicle. The gases then pass into the Power Chamber. The design of this chamber is patented, with components that are shaped and placed with extreme precision (a tolerance of +/- .004") to create a negative pressure that helps scavenge the exhaust gases from the engine, thus making it breathe more freely, which produces more torque and horsepower. The positioning of the Delta Flow baffles is chosen to achieve advanced noise cancellation by separating and recombining pulses at precisely chosen phase shifts. The Low Pressure Chamber at the end of the Delta Flow muffler prevents atmospheric pressure air from entering the system, which would reduce the scavenging capabilities of the system.

Delta Flow Technology Muffler