Company Profile

Mission Statement

Eco Touch is a values-driven company committed to bringing vehicle owners a superior line of car care products that do not harm the planet or the user. They strive to conserve water, eliminate contaminated runoff, and protect natural resources. At the same time, they offer products that meet the performance expectations of the customers. Through the marketing, the company communicates that it is possible to enjoy a clean vehicle, boat, or RV without the use of harsh cleaning agents. Eco Touch is committed to clean cars, the health of the customers, and a non-contaminated environment.

Eco Touch maintains eight basic operating principles:

  • Manufacture high-performance car care products with minimal impact on the environment throughout each product's entire life-cycle.
  • Keep Eco Touch customers and their families' safety in mind. This means formulating products that are free of harmful solvents, additives, and VOCs.
  • Maintain the highest quality standards by ensuring the Eco Touch products are just as effective as, if not better than, their traditional counterparts.
  • Be open to new ideas, original thinking, and better ways of doing things.
  • Seek third-party validation to back up Eco Touch marketing and product claims.
  • Demonstrate transparency in dealings with the customers and the surrounding community.
  • Enrich the lives of the Eco Touch employees by offering a fun, dynamic, and engaging work environment.


The entire line of Eco Touch products has been formulated with the environment and user performance in mind. These products rely on cleaning, polishing and protecting agents that equal or surpass competitor products.

For example, many of the Eco Touch solvents are derived from a soybean base, while the surfactants derive from palm kernel oil.

To stay ahead of the curve, Eco Touch subscribes to the CleanGredients database for ingredient sourcing. CleanGredients offers manufacturers raw materials that exhibit superior environmental and human health performance.

Who They Are / Are Not

About Eco Touch

Eco Touch is not...

  • a private label, posing as a manufacturer.
  • a multi-level marketing company.
  • a company whose products have undisclosed ingredients.
  • a company that practices "greenwashing".

Eco Touch is...

  • a values-driven company committed to water conservation and the protection of natural resources.
  • matching their concern for the environment with the concern for human health.
  • formulating and manufacturing effective products that are non-toxic and safe.
  • standing alone in full ingredient disclosure on labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • complying fully with California's Proposition 65 which has been in effect since 1986 to promote clean drinking water and keep toxic substances that cause cancer and birth defects out of consumer products.
  • striving continually to educate users about responsible, sustainable car cleaning and washing.
  • leading the eco-friendly car care industry in cutting-edge practices.
  • using 100% recyclable bottles and sprayers

Eco Touch Story

Eco Touch was founded by James Dudra and Anne Ruozzi, two environmental entrepreneurs from Portsmouth, NH. In 2003, while studying in college, Dudra held a business internship in drought-stricken Sydney, Australia where he learned that cars are cleaned without using water.

In 2007, with the U.S. facing pending water restrictions, James and Anne decided to launch their own company, introducing the first eco-friendly line of waterless car wash and detailing products.

Together Dudra and Ruozzi are committed to providing vehicle owners everywhere with high performance products that do not harm the planet or the user.

From the original waterless car wash, the company's product line has grown to now include 6 other green car care products: a dashboard protectant, carpet and upholstery cleaner, metal polish, all purpose cleaner, window cleaner and microfiber towel pack.

Eco Touch has also made enormous strides in its mission to educate consumers that it is possible to enjoy a clean car, boat or rv without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals.

The company has been featured in many prominent media outlets such as National Geographic, Treehugger.com, The New York Times and Body + Soul.

Eco Touch Story

Eco Touch products are now distributed in 20+ countries and online.

Eco Touch Facilities

Eco Touch, Inc. is based in scenic Dover, New Hampshire, a little over an hour north of Boston, MA. They have been in business since 2007 manufacturing a full line of earth-friendly car cleaning and detailing supplies. The Eco Touch products are filled in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and California. They are not a private-label but a manufacturer with their own custom blended formulations.

Eco Touch is able to ship both domestically and internationally in container sizes ranging from 2 oz. to 55-gallon drums. Our formulas are available in both ready-to-use and concentrated solutions.

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