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Bluestuff NDX is a high friction sport and race material that can be used for aggressive street driving and certain types of track use. The material has had much success on the track with quality aftermarket calipers (Multi piston systems with better release and cooling and larger rotors) and limited success with street based calipers where pad size and caliper drag can challenge any brake material. The biggest advantage of EBC Bluestuff NDX is their bite from cold and progressive brake feel and the ability to bring a car to a complete stop. This has led to the ECE R90 brake safety regulation approval of R90 which is now completed and certificates are being obtained (during July 2011). There are certain older street based caliper systems where even the new Bluestuff will have trouble handling the caliper and slider drag inherent in the systems, but this scenario is exactly the same for the company's competitors. There is NO material that will be PERFECT on the track in all older street based caliper systems.

For a small price premium over the 6000 series, these pads are THE ULTIMATE SUV/4x4 FRONT END PAD. They will stop faster and last longer with almost zero brake dust and are EBC's premium offering for heavy 4x4s. These pads are GUARANTEED noise free. Average friction coefficient 0.45mm. Features and benefits include chamfers and slots, shimmed, and coated with EBC's own Brake-In friction accelerator for fast bed-in.

EBC Brakes - Deep V Grooves

Deep V grooves help venting and catch dirt, dust and debris. Notice the open granular surface texture after the heat scorch (pre-bedding) process. Pad shown is a European 4x4 which features balance weights for noise reduction.

The NDX pad material is bonded to the steel backing plates using multiple high strength interlock holes and a unique chemical interlayer which raises shear and bond strength by a factor of five and prevents pad to plate separation. The pads are then baked and ground and feature high volume Vee grooves to catch the inevitable large amount of debris from track use.

Target use is all types of fast and heavier cars in performance and race driving with much enhanced lifetime over our previous Yellowstuff grade pads.

EBC Brakes - EBC Chemical Interlayer System

The EBC chemical interlayer system is used on Bluestuff NDX range pads which being a harder material and for heavy duty race applications require that extra security of bond strength. The effect of the interlayer is to triple shear strength of a common organic brake pad over non interlayer versions.


The curve shows that friction builds quickly during bedding in even after 2-3 stops, but in a real world TRACK USE where rotors may not be perfect and calipers not serviced weekly (like our lab dyno ones) the bedding in process with Blue may exhibit 20-25mm contact bands in the centre of the discs after 4-5 laps and on some standard street calipers some vibration. This is simply the pad telling you "I cannot hold onto the disc at these torques until I am fully bedded in." If vibration happens, you should continue driving whilst BRAKING EARLIER TO BE SAFE until the contact band widens to almost entire disc/rotor sweep at which point the vibration will stop. In street use the torques will not normally be enough to generate vibration during bed in but drive safely for 200 miles gentle brake use to bed in your new brakes and test them to performance in a safe and quiet road environment until you have total confidence that they are bedded. Hitting the brakes too hard, too soon can not only shorten pad life, it may cause loss of brakes and an accident. Bed brakes in progressively.

EBC Brakes - Bedding Performance Diagram

EBC Bluestuff are heat scorched which helps bedding times, but you still need to take care especially on the highway and when using on part worn rotors. Use the brakes gently for 200 miles gradually increasing demand on the brakes in a SAFE ROAD ENVIRONMENT until you feel totally confident and can evaluate their stopping distances in all traffic conditions. Remember, it's down to you and your bedding in process. If you do feel brake fade a couple of times and even smell the brakes, this is totally normal and once achieved and the brakes allowed to cool, they will have improved a lot.

There are several ways of surface scorching pads and EBC has chosen an infra red lamp tunnel for surface preparation of its pad ranges. The new furnace will be introduced in July 2010 and will quickly start scorching all pads for resale starting with the Bluestuff NDX range.

EBC Brakes - Brake Effect Diagram

Pre Bedding burns off a lot of the volatile organics in the brake pad surface by passing the pads under an apparatus similar to a "Toaster" after manufacture for a few seconds, this chars the surface and the paint around the pad surface but the result is a major reduction in bed in time which all drivers will appreciate.

Is important, an off-flat or ribbed and grooved rotor will treble bed in times for street or track use, this is a harder and more durable pad and rotors should be in almost dead flat condition. If you need to have your rotors skimmed EBC Brakes recommends ONLY the very praiseworthy ON CAR brake lathes from pro Cut, which can be found using these links.

EBC Bluestuff NDX Formula Racing Brake Pads - Latest Tech


Normal urban driving, school-run or
commuter on car, truck or SUV.
Ultimax UPR Series
Spirited street use on sport compact or
import sedan (Hot Hatch).
Greenstuff USR Series
Faster street use on muscle cars (slight rotor
wind noise acceptable).
Redstuff GD Series
Low dust street use on prestige imports
(silent braking required).
Redstuff USR Series
Fastest street and track use, trackday, time trials and drifting in any size or weight of car (on or off road).For longer races Bluestuff may be required for durability purposes. Yellowstuff UPR Series
(or GD if race series allows)
High durability race pad also suitable for
street driving.
Bluestuff NDX Formula
(EBC Box end label will say AF66/16SC)
Truck, 4x4 and SUV
modest brake upgrade.
Greenstuff 6000 Series GD Series
Truck, 4x4 and SUV maximum stopping for
towing and loads etc.
Yellowstuff GD Series
Truck, 4x4 and SUV modest brake upgrade
with lowest dust.
Greenstuff 7000 Series GD Series
Full track use only
- not for highway use.
Orangestuff UPR Series
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