DUB 1-Piece is the original DUB wheel series, the wheels that pioneered the big show wheels. Here you find some of the most popular wheels ever designed. Clean and smooth designs of these rims are a perfect way to give your vehicle that ultra luxurious look. There is always a DUB 1-Piece Series wheel that fits your vehicle, as they come in sizes ranging from 16” to 32” in diameter. The company's breakthrough is the release of the floating DUB cap. That feature as well as paintable inserts that are available in some designs will surely turn every head as you roll through the streets.

The DUB Street Series rims are the choice of serious street enthusiasts who know that style is not only for the show cars but for the luxurious street cars as well. They are offered as 3-pc wheels for most fitments, though 2-pc builds are also available for select sizes. The DUB Street Series wheels come with forged centers featuring edgy profiles, thin spokes and webs bolted to cast barrels. The designs are offered in sizes ranging from 18" to 32".The wheels can be custom finished in any color combination.

The Show Series wheels are truly spectacular. These multipiece forged wheels are built to customer specifications, and are fully customizable. 2 and 3 piece options are custom engineered and manufactured from 6160-T6 aluminum. These rims are available in diameters from 18" to 32" and rim widths from 8" to 15" in half inch increments. By using the unique customizing possibilities offered in the DUB Show Series, you can make your vehicle truly individual and outstanding in the very best meaning of the word. These rims are the natural choice for the customizers who cannot be satisfied with anything that is less than perfect.

DUB Zane Series is a fusion of street and show style. Intricate center patterns and paintable inserts set these wheels apart from the ordinary, and turn your vehicle into a rolling show. These wheels feature a multipiece forged construction and bolted assembly. The center and the barrel components are customized to customer's specifications before assembly, facilitating finish combinations that cannot be attained in other wheel builds. They come sizes varying from 18" to 32", and can be custom ordered in any finish or color combination.

No other wheels offer the same style as the DUB Skirt Series wheels. These rims are the latest in floating technology. Inspired by the old school look, they feature reverse hanging side skirts. Instead of being hidden under the fender and showing thus only the bottom half, these rims show off the top half and hide the bottom of the spokes under an exquisite skirt. The Skirt wheels can be ordered in any finish combination. Available diameters: 24", 26", 28", and 30".

DUB invented the Spinner wheels, and they have now been astonishing show audiences and car spotters for a decade. The DUB Spinners are the original spinner/floater wheels that provide stunning visual effects. These are cast 1-piece base wheels that feature a stable spinner hub with the first-class ball bearing and a perfectly balanced spinner/floater disc. The DUB Spin Series wheels are available in sizes from 22" to 32". No other spinners can compete with the precision-machined DUB Spinners, that are built to your exact individual vehicle specs.