Diablo Sport

Who Is DiabloSport?

DiabloSport is an industry leader in developing new vehicle technology for late model domestic cars and trucks. Instead of focusing on developing products that "fit" your vehicle like other manufacturers such as cold air intakes and exhaust, DiabloSport focuses on communicating digitally with your vehicle in order to control the "vital organs" of your vehicle.
The company's expertise is the capability to understand and improve complex computer systems while providing customers with easy-to-use products. While DiabloSport has huge investments in high tech machinery in order to manufacture all of their products in-house, their real assets are the employees combining for over a century of automotive experience.
Diablo Sport
The company employs the best of the best in each category from software and hardware engineers, tuners and calibrators, sales and marketing and of course technical support specialists.
The true test of a company is "do your employees use the products you manufacture?" and a quick walk through their employee parking lot paints the picture of a very enthusiastic group of hardcore automotive individuals.
Quality inspection is a job shared by both person and machine. Key connection spots are checked via laser guided cameras to ensure proper conductivity. The integrity of every unit found in the company's products is checked by quality control inspectors - DiabloSport doesn't sample one or two per batch. Bench testing isn't enough either. New tunes are tested in the field by authorized DiabloSport beta testers and changes for increased power or adjustability are instantly released in downloadable updates via the company's website.
DiabloSport History
The early year
DiabloSport's roots date back to the late 80s when their current President and CEO helped develop the industry's very first custom tuning software, Chipmaster, for the 1989 Mustang. Before this unique software was created, there were simply no tuning solutions for electronic fuel injected Ford vehicles. You could say "what you bought is what you got". This was history in the making, because if it wasn't for the Chipmaster software, the tuning industry would not be where it is today.
While DiabloSport didn't release this custom tuning software to the public for a few years, they were busy with plenty of other projects. The very first product DiabloSport made available to the public was their chip for the EEC-V Mustang. At this time, DiabloSport was the only company to offer any kind of tuning products for the EEC-V family of Mustangs.
Thousands of DiabloSport chips were sold in just the first few months. By this time, the company had multiple chips available for a variety of vehicles. The DiabloSport chip was such a success that the requests for "custom tuning" were flowing in. The preloaded chips were a great product, but consumers wanted the ability to "custom tune" their vehicle for a various aftermarket modifications such as superchargers, turbochargers, cams, headers and nitrous.
After realizing the demand for this "custom tuning", DiabloSport decided to release their internal software, Chipmaster Revolution, to the dealer network. This enabled the company's dealers to create custom tunes for their customers, based on the modifications they had, and load those tunes onto the chips. This enabled the dealers to create chips loaded with custom tunes to meet the needs of customers with modified vehicles.
Following their success with the DiabloSport line of chips, the company decided to enter into the diesel market and released one of the industry's very first inline devices, the PowerPuck. The PowerPuck was designed specifically for the Cummins engine and to this day is still one of the top selling inline devices available for the earlier 1998-2003 Dodge diesel trucks.
DiabloSport's next endeavor was a universal diagnostic tool called the Hellion. The Hellion was a hand-held device that plugged into a vehicle's OBDII (diagnostic) port and identified, defined and even cleared any trouble codes from the vehicle's computer.
DiabloSport then decided to turn its efforts into a hand-held device that combined the functionality of their famous chips with the technology used to create the Hellion. It was in 2002 when DiabloSport released the Predator hand-held programmer.
The Predator was so far ahead of the industry at its release that it became the industry standard for what a hand-held programmer should be. The Predator was the first hand-held programmer to feature custom tuning support, adjustable parameters, online updates and data logging/tuning/diagnostics all in one unit. Since 2002, the Predator has been one of the top selling hand-held programmers available.
After about 12 different Predator part numbers were released, all supporting different families of vehicles, DiabloSport had decided to expand manufacturing to few supporting components such as the DiabloSport shift valve and upper pulley for the supercharged Ford Mustangs and Lightning.
DiabloSport History
recent development
DiabloSport continued to release Predator applications to the point where keeping these tools updated with new tunes, factory calibrations, new features and new functionality became a huge part of the business. DiabloSport released the DSDownloader Software (DSDL) enabling connection to a PC through the newly released cable kit to download and install free online updates.
DiabloSport's next release was a specific product developed for custom tuning Ford vehicles. After listening to the Ford customers, DiabloSport decided to give them what they wanted. The MAFia allows you to precisely control and regulate MAF sensor voltage to prevent hitting the 5 volt peak of the ECU (aka "pegging") eliminating the need for prefabricated custom MAF Sensors. This was the only product of its kind and the company's competition was even using it.
As a further enhancement to their support in the diesel community, DiabloSport released the Extreme PowerPuck in 2008. Like its younger sibling the PowerPuck, the Extreme PowerPuck is an inline device for diesel vehicles. With its release, they added support for the Ford Powerstroke and GM Duramaxas well as later model Dodge Cummins engines. This also allowed DiabloSport to enter the medium duty truck market with support for the International and Caterpillar engines.
As technology grew, so did DiabloSport. In 2009 they released the Trinity all-in-one-programmer. The Trinity was the first of its kind: including a performance programmer, live data monitor, customizable gauges and a virtual drag strip all in one high resolution full color touch screen display.
Not only did the Trinity have more features than any other programmer available, it also contained all of its applications under a single part number - another first for the industry. Although you can only tune one vehicle at a time, this was the first time a Mustang and a Duramax (gas and diesel vehicle) could both be tuned with the same device. The Trinity is still the most advanced programmer available today.
With two successful programmers on the market, DiabloSport decided to take a step back from developing a new programmer (although by this time they were already working on the Predator's replacement) and release the Catch Can to the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep community. The Catch Can is a simple product that does exactly what it sounds like: it catches any spillover oil in a can before it can find its way into your vehicle's manifold.
In late 2011, DiabloSport released the evolutionary replacement to their long-selling Predator, the DiabloSport inTune. The inTune had been in development for many years and is now one of the fastest, most powerful and easiest to use hand-held programmers available. The company focused on meeting the needs of every consumer from a soccer mom looking to save a few MPG's to a performance enthusiast needing multiple tunes for an individual race.
Today, DiabloSport is focusing on supporting the current applications by improving the tunes and features, developing new vehicle support, and of course, planning for future product releases. They are dedicated in remaining at the forefront of technology while providing customers with unmatched tuning products.