Patented Design for Great Sound, Great Perfomance and Great Comfort

In exhaust systems, "restriction" is a dirty word. The team of dB Performance Exhausts technicians has engineered a system that provides the optimal combination of maximum flow and minimum restriction, and which can be tuned to the precise requirements of every single application. dB exhausts provide enough room to roll a billiards ball through the muffler and straight out of the tip, so air has no problem to easily and quickly exit the engine.

The ultimate airflow through dB Performance Exhausts ensures that performance is maximized, allowing your engine to breathe easily and provide all the horsepower it can produce. In addition, without restrictions to the gas flow, your car has the potential to improve your fuel efficiency (actual consumption depends on how you use your right foot on the gas pedal). Adding a dB Performance Exhaust System to your truck adds horsepower and fuel economy to your vehicle. And not only that - in addition to the design for unrestricted airflow, the engineers at dB Performance Exhausts also apply their exclusive knowledge in acoustical engineering to craft the perfect sound for your truck. The technology use by dB Performance exhausts is used to eliminate certain frequencies without using packing material or interrupting the airflow. This is how dB can give you an aggressive growl when you are on the throttle, without annoying noises in the cabin at touring speeds, while still keeping the power efficient straight-through design.

How It Works

The Patented RSC™ Technology is so precise that no 2 vehicles are the same. Each system is acoustically engineered to eliminate the specific frequencies that create drone. The RSC technology is based in aerospace industry research. In the precision made RSC Mufflers, sound waves are targeted, reflected and eliminated without impeding air flow or sacrificing horsepower, yet still delivering a sound tuned to fit the character of your vehicle.


Figure 1. The exhaust gases can pass through the RSC muffler without restrictions, while sound waves are trapped and reflected back upon themselves, which cancels them out.

The exclusive and patented RSC™ Muffler design delivers a bold, unique sound under throttle that defines your performance car, truck or SUV on the open road. Inside the vehicle you experience a subdued performance sound, free from irritating resonance and drone. You can enjoy both a true performance sound from your engine without sacrificing use of your cell phone or your favorite radio programs. The patented RSC™ Muffler design features a straight through design, as many other performance mufflers do. The difference is that where others rely on crude and imprecise sound deadening materials that are packed to varying degrees, the RSC muffler sends targeted frequencies of sound waves to specifically engineered channels where they are reflected back out-of-phase, thus cancelling themselves out. This way the specific "drone" creating frequencies can be eliminated. All that remains is the bold rumble that is the true voice of performance.

Corsa VS Stock

Figure 2. The patented RSC mufflers combine straight through unrestricted gas flow with tuned baffles that cancel out sounds of selected frequences. This beats original mufflers for power and competing aftermarket mufflers for sound.