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How often should wipers be changed?
Wipers should be changed when they no longer perform as expected, or no longer provide a high enough level of safety. The recommended replacement interval for preventative maintenance is 6 months. Bosch's exclusive dual-rubber technology can extend this interval to as much as 12 months, and Bosch ICON wipers last an average 40% longer.
What is dual-rubber technology?
Bosch ICON and Excel+ are the only wiper blades on the market that use this technology. The dual-rubber wiping element uses two different rubber formulations in the two areas which perform different tasks. For the wiping edge, that touches the windshield, a harder, more wear-resistant rubber is used than for the area that is responsible for making the wiping lip flip over properly when the direction of the wiper is reversed. This flip-over function is best provided by a softer, more flexible rubber. The two rubber types in combination result in better, lower-noise performance over a longer service life.
What are the signs of a worn wiper blade?
Wiper Blade
There are various indications for worn-out wipers; streaks, smears, unwiped areas on the windshield; chattering, skipping wiper blades; nicked, cracked or separated rubber elements; noisy wiping action due to worn-out wiper blade joints.
Do I need to replace wipers even if I rarely use them?
Wiper blades are important safety items even in the occasional rain shower. In dry climates, the rubber wiper elements are often subject to the aging effects of UV rays in sunlight and from heat. Dust, sand and other contaminants on the windshield can be damaging to the rubber wiping edge. Rubber formulations used by Bosch are highly resistant to these aging effects, but all blades need to be replaced eventually.
Should I replace the wiper blades or just the refills?

A wiper blade consists of the rubber wiping element and the superstructure with brackets and joints that distribute the arm pressure and give the blade its flexibility. A refill is just the rubber element and one or two tension springs inside the rubber element or on its outside.

Replacing just the refill is a low-cost alternative to changing the wiper blade. Changing the complete blade is typically much easier and faster than identifying and finding the proper refill and removing and replacing the old. Replacing a complete Bosch Wiper Blade is a quick and easy process due to the exclusive DirectConnect™ installation system used for most vehicle applications.

Replacing the refill too many times should be avoided as the wiper blade superstructure will wear out over time as well.
Is it sufficient to replace the driver's side wiper?
It is recommended to replace the driver's side and passenger's side wipers at the same time for improved vision and increased safety. Do not forget to replace rear-window wipers as well.
Do I need to clean my windshield before installing new wipers?
Windshield contamination is a common cause for poor wiper performance even if the wipers are still in good shape. Some kinds of contamination, such as tree sap, can destroy the wiping element in a short time. We recommend cleaning the windshield regularly with soap and water or a household glass cleaner. For tougher contamination, a non-abrasive household cleaner, such as Bon Ami, may be used.
How difficult will it be for me to install my own blades?
Install Blades
Bosch Wiper Blades are designed with the do-it-yourself customer in mind. For most vehicle applications, the Bosch-exclusive DirectConnect™ installation system allows for quick and easy one-step installation without having to deal with adapters.
What can I do to prevent snow and ice from clogging up my blades?
Snow Blades
Winter blades (snow blades) are protected against snow and ice build-up through a rubber boot, covering brackets and joints. Even without the rubber sleeve, Bosch wiper blades offer better winter performance because the metal tension spring is enclosed in the rubber element rather than being exposed on its outside. The enclosed tension spring helps keep the wiper blade flexible and effective in wintry conditions.
Do all wiper blades lift off at high speeds?
Bosch Wiper Blades feature a low-profile, aerodynamic design with vent holes in the center bracket. This design provides safety at high driving speeds.
Why should I purchase Bosch Wiper Blades?
Bosch has been manufacturing electric windshield wiping systems for over 80 years. This knowledge of the entire wiping system helps Bosch understand what determines excellent wiper performance. Bosch supplies wiper systems and wiper blades to a large number of vehicle manufacturers. The expertise from original equipment manufacturing goes into each replacement wiper they make. Offered at various price levels, Bosch Wiper Blades are available for virtually every vehicle on the road.

Signs of worn wiper blades

In order to maintain the best wiping performance and maximum safety, wiper blades should be replaced every 3 years and wiper refills every 6 months

Signs of worn wiper blades
Stripes and streaks

Causes: Pollution, dirt and insects tearing the wiper rubber

Cleaning the wiper blade lip is the best method for maintaining a high level of wiping quality. Bosch Windscreen Washer & Glass Cleaner added to the water used to wash the windscreen is recommended for dissolving dirt.
Bosch wiper blades are tested for their durability over 750,000 wiping strokes.

Unwiped section

Causes: Bent tension strip or deformed wiper blade due to long term resting in the parked position in high temperature

Slightly lift up blade if the car is standing in the sun for several days or weeks. Micro edge wiper blades are endurance tested to temperatures ranging from -30° to + 80°C in a climate chamber.

Rattle and Flutter

Causes: Enviromental impacts such as ozone and UV rays destroy the wiper rubber's chemical structure resulting in cracks and tears.

Bosch Micro Edge combines two synthetic blends of rubber that contains ozone protective substances to prolong the wiper blades service life.

Cross Beam

Causes: Corrosion of wiper blade frame due to environmental influences and excessive play in frame through mechanical wear

Bosch wiper blades are tested for resistance to corrosion by being exposed to a warm salted spray mist for 144 hours.