Borla - Touring HIGH PERFORMANCE WITHOUT THE ROAR The streamlined oval shape of our Touring mufflers allows the addition of more capacity within the muffler which results in a ride that is quieter than other BORLA' models. A single-core, high-flow design adds power and driving excitement with a sound that is deep and throaty but just slightly louder than stock at open throttle. These mufflers are for the "sleeper" crowd.
Borla - Touring Construction Like all BORLA® mufflers, our touring model Is constructed from high-quality austenitic stainless steel for maximum durability. All BORLA® mufflers are packed with ultra-durable, continuous-strand sound-absorbing composite filament.
Borla - Multicore HIGH FLOW & POWER, WITH RACE-OPTIMIZED SOUND The combination of flow and sound characteristics provided by our Murticore mufflers is noticeably unique. A bit mellower than the S-Type with a distinct growl and race-proven performance.
Borla - Multicore Construction Size and length of Inner cores are designed and engineered for specific engine configurations, one of the many variables used by BORLA® to fine-tune sound. Flared collectors increase the internal diameter of the muffler allowing tor optimal flow. Sound waves are attenuated and tuned while passing an attacking through multiple core walls.
Borla - S-Type THE HEAD-TURNING SOUND OF STRAIGHT-THROUGH POWER Just the right blend of packing filament straight-through core dimensions, core perforation pattern, and cylindrical shape to deliver the intoxicating BORLA® "Sound of Power" with every squeeze of the throttle.
Borla - S-Type Construction Slim, equidistant space between wide-diameter core and cylindrical muffler wall provides an aggressive and throaty high-performance soond. No reflective baffles (or chambers) with 3 multitude of welds that can fail, just a highly-evolved straight-through design proven to out-flow an empty, straight pipe.
Borla - Atak MULTICORE POWER WITH REVOLUTIONARY ACOUSTIC TUNING BORLA's exclusive ATAK technology is based on specifically-tuned attributes of the internal muffler cores, which are calibrated on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to deliver the most desirable sound.
Borla - Atak Construction ATAK technology starts with BORLA's race-winning Multicore design, which has proven to out-flow a straight pipe. By combining varying degrees of solid walls, perforation patterns, diameters and other characteristics of the internal cores, BORLA® engineers fine-tune ATAK sound differently for each vehicle. Sound waves are attenuated and tuned while passing an attacking through multiple core walls.