2008 Nissan 350z Styling Kit

I. Tell me about the products offered by RAZZI® Ground Effects.

A. For which vehicles does RAZZI® Ground Effects have packages?

There is a complete RAZZI® Ground Effects application listing posted here on our web site. RAZZI manufactures Ground Effects packages for over 300 different models.

C. Can you tell me what "new models" RAZZI will be coming out with next? How about in the near term?

We'd like to, but we can't. In our business, competition is fierce. Therefore our new products and plans for new items are confidential. We post "new models" on this web site as soon as they are available to be shipped. If it's not on our web site, it's not available...not yet anyway. Please e-mail us to inquire about models not yet listed. Because even if you know we don't currently offer the model you want, by letting us know which model you want, your "vote" might influence RAZZI to add your favorite model to our future manufacturing schedule. Make sure you regularly check our website to see if your favorite has been added.

D. What other restyling accessories does RAZZI offer, besides Ground Effects packages?

Currently, optional accessories include Mesh Screen sets, Driving Light kits, Exhaust Extensions, Simulated Exhaust Extension kits (which give vehicles the appearance of having functional dual exhaust), Stainless Steel "Cat-Back" Performance Exhaust Systems for specific RAZZI packages, and graphics packages. Razzi plans to include other items in the near term. Make sure you regularly check our website to see if your favorite accessory has been added.

II. Tell me the specifics about RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages.

A. What paint colors can I purchase RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages?

RAZZI® currently offers Ground Effects Packages painted to match industry acceptable factory paint codes (such as those developed by Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, etc) for most vehicles that are not more than five (5) years old.

At the present time, only complete ground effects packages are offered pre-painted -- component parts, by themselves, are NOT available pre-painted.

On vehicles more than a year old, RAZZI® suggests that the factory paint on your car/truck be "buffed out" to attain a better color match between your newly painted RAZZI® Ground Effects package and your older vehicle's paint.

Paint Color Standards

It is RAZZI's intent to provide our customers with a pre-painted product that will acceptably match your car's paint color. There are actually various "shades" of an O.E.M.'s color code. These "shades" can vary from darker to lighter, even though it is the same paint code. In cases where the factory paint exhibits various "shades", we try to paint our wings with a shade that is somewhat in the middle of the "shade" choices...to closely match those that are a shade lighter and also those that are a shade darker. There are multiple paint suppliers and each has a slightly different "shade" for each color. In some cases, our paint match is as close as possible and is acceptable, within the industry. We also want to call attention to the fact that vehicles older than a year, may need to be buffed to bring back the original paint luster to match the newly painted RAZZI® product. PAINTED PARTS ARE NOT RETURNABLE EXCEPT IF COVERED BY RAZZI® WARRANTY.

B. What type of material is used for RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages?

All RAZZI® Ground Effects parts are manufactured using primer gray colored AERO-FLEX®, RAZZI's own specially formulated proprietary ABS composite plastic material. THESE ARE NOT FIBERGLASS PARTS! These are not urethane parts!

C. ABS. What is ABS Plastic?

Acrylinitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS, is a blend of chemicals which make the special RAZZI kind of plastic. There are many different "grades" of ABS type plastic. RAZZI uses the very best grades, which are then blended together, using RAZZI's secret formula to make AERO-FLEX®. This is the very best material available for the manufacturing of Ground Effects type products. AERO-FLEX® is proprietary to RAZZI and is a registered trademark owned by RAZZI Corporation.

D. Why does RAZZI® Ground Effects use RAZZI's proprietary, specially formulated AERO-FLEX® thermoset ABS material for their Ground Effects Packages?

The RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages are not soft and rubbery like some Ground Effects Packages that are made out of a urethane plastic (urethane parts are generally very hard to paint and difficult to install). The AERO-FLEX® ABS Ground Effects packages are more rigid like fiberglass, however, AERO-FLEX® has flexibility. Also, parts made out of fiberglass are usually very poor fitting compared to AERO-FLEX® parts, RAZZI's AERO-FLEX® parts are commonly referred to as the "best fitting" parts in the Ground Effects industry. Many years ago, RAZZI and Bayer Corporation combined technologies to develop the very best plastic material to use for manufacturing Ground Effects type products; and the proprietary formula for AERO-FLEX® material was the result. Having been upgraded at least four times since it's beginning, the RAZZI AERO-FLEX® material, today still remains the best material for Ground Effects. It is very, very similiar in composition to the "high-tech" plastics being used today by the OEM's to make some parts on vehicles. AERO-FLEX® is NOT a "urethane" material and it is NOT a "fiberglass" material. The accurate definition of AERO-FLEX® is that it is a "co-extruded ABS composite plastic" material -- a very "high tech" plastic.

E. How many pieces are in a RAZZI® Ground Effects Package?

Firstly, RAZZI® front and rear air dams are NOT bumper replacements. All are engineered and designed to fit onto the original stock factory bumper cover/fascia.

Secondly, you can always buy any component part separately, without having to purchase the entire package.

A typical RAZZI® Ground Effects Package for a CAR will have four (4) pieces - one (1) Front Air Dam, two (2) Side Skirts, and one (1) Rear Air Dam. Some packages will include additional parts such as Door Panels.

A typical RAZZI® Ground Effects Package for a TRUCK will have seven (7) pieces - one (1) Front Air Dam, two (2) Cab Skirts, two (2) Bed Skirts, and two (2) Rear Skirts, RAZZI® refers to this as a "2 piece rear". Some truck packages will have an optional Rear Center Piece (Roll Pan) available. If this Rear Center Piece/Roll Pan is to be installed, the original rear bumper on the truck must be removed, RAZZI® refers to this as a "3 piece full wrap rear". RAZZI always suggests that you check your state laws before removing your rear bumper; some states have laws which make removal of the rear bumper illegal!

Razzi also manufactures Rear Roll Pans for some models; but these are generally used alone and not with the Razzi® Ground Effects Package.

F. How much will a RAZZI® Ground Effects Package lower my vehicle?

RAZZI develops the "body restyling packages" to enhance the vehicle designs. The RAZZI design gives an "optical illusion" that the restyled vehicle has been lowered. Actually, most RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages change the ground clearance by one (1) inch, or less.

G. Are RAZZI Front and Rear Air Dams "Bumper Replacements?

No, they are not. RAZZI Front and Rear Air Dams attach onto the existing stock-factory bumper cover/fascia. When installing a RAZZI part, you would NEVER remove the stock-factory front or rear bumper cover/fascia. With the presence of the air bag "sensors" and with all the "crash testing" and other safety related issues of these parts, RAZZI would NEVER recommend removing any stock-factory bumper cover/fascia and replacing it with another manufacturer's Ground Effects part, unless that part has been put through the same rigorous testing procedures as the original bumper cover/fascia.

If you decide to purchase a bumper replacement from another manufacturer RAZZI strongly suggests that you request a written copy of certified testing results and a complete warranty statement from the manufacturer assuring you, the buyer, that the manufacturer fully warrantees the part as an original equipment manufacturer equivalent bumper replacement.

III. Tell me about installing a RAZZI® Ground Effects Package.

A. How will the RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages mount to my car or truck?

All RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages come with mounting hardware and instructions. A typical mounting hardware package includes all necessary indicated screws and a tube of adhesive caulk. Most packages include double sided tape which is used to hold the parts on the vehicle while the adhesive caulk cures (it takes 24 hours to cure properly). Some people like to use additional adhesives so we include a list of several "quick setting adhesives" as part of our "Installation Tips" instructions that come with each Ground Effects Package box. These additional adhesives can be purchased separately from a body shop/paint supply company in your area. These adhesives can sometimes make the installation easier, but they are not necessay.

B. Can I install a RAZZI® Ground Effects Package myself?

Yes, but RAZZI suggests that two (2) people work together to install a Ground Effects package.

C. Why does it take two (2) people to install a RAZZI® Ground Effects Package?

All Front and Rear Air Dams for RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages are designed to fit from wheel well to wheel well. This design creates "large" pieces which allows all RAZZI® Package Ground Effects Packages to prevent unsightly seams or joints, as well as providing excellent fit and design continuity These large pieces are difficult for 1 person to handle, especially after they have been painted. You wouldn't want to scratch them while you're installing them; so the extra hands to hold them are always helpful.

D. What tools will I need to install a RAZZI® Ground Effects Package?

RAZZI would suggest that you have the following basic tools available:

  • Box cutter / Razor knife - to trim the plastic parts if any minor trimming is needed.
  • Cordless power drill - to drill screw holes.
  • Full screwdriver set - to put in the screws.
  • Full drill bit set - to drill screw holes.
  • "Caulk gun" - to apply the adhesive caulk that comes with the kit.
  • Sandpaper - to sand the parts, if necessary during the "fitting" process.

E. How hard is it to install a RAZZI® Ground Effects package?

It's not "hard" to install a RAZZI® Ground Effects package since the parts will fit very well. Occasionally a part may have to be "slightly" sanded by hand to get a perfect fit because of slight variations from vehicle to vehicle, but in most cases no sanding will be needed. Most routine Installers of Ground Effects say that RAZZI parts fit "the best of all" and "installing them is easy". When you get the RAZZI kit, before you take it to a body shop to get it painted, always "pre-fit" the parts on your car. You will then see how well the parts fit and how easy they will be to install.

F. How long will it take to install a RAZZI® Ground Effects Package?

For someone who has never installed a Ground Effects Package before, (like most people) a typical RAZZI® Ground Effects Package for a car, should take between two (2) and three (3) hours to install. A RAZZI® Ground Effects Package for a truck, should take between five (5) and six (6) hours to install because the truck will have more parts and you have to install parts between the cab and the bed. If you have experience installing Ground Effects type products, two people should be able to install the typical RAZZI package for a car in about an hour; and a truck in under two hours.

G. Is there anything else I need to know before installing a RAZZI® Ground Effects Package?

Yes, RAZZI always STRONGLY suggests that exhaust turndowns or exhaust extensions be used with all RAZZI Rear Air Dams. You must re-direct, or deflect, the heat coming out of the tail pipe away from all RAZZI parts. If you are having a custom exhaust put on your car before you install your Razzi Ground Effects Package, it's a good idea to take the Razzi Rear Air Dam to your muffler shop so they can use it to properly line up your exhaust when they install your custom exhaust.

In most cases, if you are installing driving lights OR Mesh Screen with your Ground Effects Package, you need to check to see if the installation of that accessory onto the parts would be easier before the Ground Effects parts are installed onto the vehicle. Most of the time, it is definately easier to install the Mesh Screen onto the Ground Effects parts before the Ground Effects parts are installed onto the vehicle.

H. Will I have to cut any part of my front or rear bumper cover to install my RAZZI® Ground Effects parts?

On some models, it is necessary to trim part of the existing factory front or rear bumper cover so that the RAZZI part fits perfectly, or simply to create a certain design look. When we design & make a Front or Rear Air Dam, we sometimes add driving light openings or an air intake hole to a Front Air Dam or some other design feature like dual exhaust cutouts on a Rear Air Dam. In some cases, this requires the existing factory front or rear bumper cover to be modified or trimmed, usually in just a small area. In any situation where you would have to trim away part of the existing factory bumper cover, the RAZZI part will completely cover the small area you trim away. Precise instructions of what is to be trimmed away & how it is to be trimmed away are provided to you as part of the RAZZI installation instructions. Since installing a Ground Effects Package on your car is a permanent add-on (just like the adding of a sunroof), Razzi supplies thorough installations for the do-it-yourself buyer.

I. Can I get my RAZZI® Ground Effects package professionally installed?

Yes, you can. If you are interested in getting one of the RAZZI® Ground Effects packages, it is comforting to know that RAZZI has a nationwide Network of over 1,000 Authorized RAZZI Restyler Installation Centers. This means that in almost every major city in the U.S. (and even in Canada) there is someone who can help you in the purchasing of the package and even painting and/or installing it for you. If you upfit your car and then move to another city or state, and need a replacement part or some other service, RAZZI can most likely put you in touch with the "RAZZI Restyler" in that town so you can have him service your RAZZI Ground Effects. In the event of an accident, any RAZZI part can be purchased separately as a replacement part. To make it easy for you, and other RAZZI customers, all parts are labeled for quick & accurate identification.

If you do not want to buy the RAZZI products pre-painted and would like to "do-it-yourself", just order your package, rear deck wing spoiler and any other accessories via ordering on line, fax, phone or via mail. After you receive your RAZZI Ground Effects package, you can have the parts painted by a body or paint shop prior to installing the package yourself.