Braking Power
Braking Power

Banks' SpcedBrake is unlike anything offered by the factory or aftermarket. and it definitely works as claimed. It is obvious that a lot of development work went into this system. Despite its many features, the unit is easy to use, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving. During operation noise is minimal and allows normal conversation. The SpeedBrake's design adds a margin of safety and protects the engine and wheel brakes. This will help pay for itself in reduced maintenance and wear, particularly when towing, which can be tough on brakes.

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Why Install An Exhaust Brake?

Because safety is job one. Cresting a large hill towing a heavy trailer demands all the control you can get your hands on. Our competitors' brakes utilize technology that was cutting edge in the 1960's but wholly out-of-date for today's modem diesets. Finally there's a braking product advanced and effective enough to give you total confidence, no matter the steepness of the grade or the size of the load, it's called the Banks speedBrake and it's going to forever change the face of exhaust braking.

Down-hill Cruise Control

Imagine the ability to dial-in your desired downhill speed, drop the throttle, and sit back while your truck automatically responds to your command. SpeedBrake cuts downhill speed by up to 80% without you having to touch the foot pedal. That keeps service brakes cool, vastly extends their life, and keeps them ready in reserve in case of emergency It's Ike having a down-hill cruise control... set the speed you want and SpeedBrake does all the rest, no other brake on the market today gives you that kind of control and peace-of-m rid.

Unprecedented Flexibility

SpeedBrake has operating modes and settings to suit your style and driving conditions. ON mode lets you select three levels of braking agpessiveness: HIGH, MED, LOW. Use SPEED CONTROL MODE to select and automatically maintain a specified downhill speed {25 - 75 mph). In addition, the user can enable or disable FOOT BRAKE activation, dependrtg on individual preferences and vehicle toad.

Banks iQ provides 2-way communication, has a system status indicator with on-screen alerts, and OBDII scan tool capability. In addition, it displays numerous vehicle parameters, from current braking effort and operating gear to braking mode and target speed. Amazing!

So why settle for primitive exhaust brakes that barely brake? If your diesel hauls and navigates hills, step up to the world's strongest, most advanced exhaust brake: the all-electronic Banks SpeedBrake!

Only Banks!

SpeedBrake: there's literally no competition. With its patented technology, virtually every capability offered by the SpeedBrake is completely exclusive to Banks. This unique device becomes an active component of your vehicle, constantly monitoring and adjusting your truck's native systems to create real braking power. The SpeedBrake intelligently controls your transmission's shifting torque converter lock-up, and infinitely varies the VG turbo's vanes to hold the speed you dial in. Concern and doubt are replaced with safety and confidence, giving you the freedom to tow just about anywhere. And only Banks delivers the Banks iQ as your touch-screen braking interface. The Banks iQ keeps you informed by displaying important parameters and braking intensity, on-the-fty and in real-time It puts you in total control by allowing you to adjust your speed, setting and braking strength in real-time and on-the-fly!