BAK Industries is a company that was founded by Julian and Ivan Maimin in the late 1980's in Los Angeles. Its mission back then was to manufacture an inexpensive bedliner to protect the back of a pickup truck. Through the innovation of creating specially designed modular molds, Julian and Ivan literally built a facility to produce bedliners that had never been seen or even heard of before. Essentially, they single-handedly changed the landscape of the bedliner market as we all know it today. BAK Industries was the first company to ever produce bedliners for the export market and the first to ever make truck protection for double cab vehicles. By the mid 1990's BAK Industries was shipping bedliners to over 35 countries worldwide.

About BAK Industries

Over the past 2 decades BAK Industries has grown to be one of the most respected and well-known brand names in the industry, producing tonneau covers and related accessories on a scale that supports the entire globe. BAK manufactures for both original equipment and the aftermarket, and has distribution point in all 50 states of the USA as well as in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

It has always been a passion for solving problems, and an intimate understanding and knowledge of the truck accessory market that have allowed BAK Industries to continually lead the way in innovative truck accessories. Even within the industry inner circles, BAK is well-known for always coming to market with the most creative and exciting products ever seen.

The company's products have a look and feel that is ergonomically superior to any other brand, and their patent-protected features render their line of truck bed covers far ahead of any other in the industry. Some of their most well-known products include BakFlip Tonneau Covers, RollBak Tonneau Covers, Bakliner Truck Bedliners, and ProCaps bed rail protection.

BAK Industries believes that just because a truck is used for works, it doesn't mean that it should look like a “work-truck.” It is still possible to elegantly craft rugged and strong products while still maintaining a clean look of style and sophistication. The company endeavors to produce truck accessories that are not only functional and practical but are made to match OE lines and existing factory accents on your specific pickup truck.