Founded in 1997, AIRAID® advanced the automotive aftermarket industry with the introduction of its AIRAID® Intakes brand of air intake systems. Initially developed for light trucks and sport utility vehicles, the first AIRAID® kits combined an open-element cotton gauze filter with an intake tube to produce an innovative, easy-to-install intake kit which dramatically increased air flow, horsepower and torque while improving overall engine performance. Within five years, explosive sales proved that AIRAID®'s blend of technology and state-of-the-art materials were just what the performance parts market was missing. AIRAID® Premium Filters were introduced in November 2002 securing AIRAID®'s place as a leader in air management for both gasoline and diesel power plants. Dedicated research and development has allowed AIRAID® to continue its pioneering efforts to introduce new durable products that improve drivability and boost engine performance. AIRAID®'s product base now includes a complete line of AIRAID® Intake Systems, PowerAid® Throttle Body Spacers and OEM replacement filters.

AIRAID® Premium Filters contain multiple layers of cotton gauze with an extra layer of our proprietary SynthaFlow®, a synthetic, moisture-resistant fiber material, sandwiched between either stainless steel or aluminum mesh, depending on the application. SynthaFlow® enhances dirt filtration while maintaining the optimum balance between filtration and air flow, making AIRAID® Premium Filters unlike any filter on the market. For truly superior performance and durability, AIRAID® Premium Filters also feature unique, hand-poured urethane casings that do not shrink or crack due to prolonged heat exposure under the hood. Plus, AIRAID® Premium Filters are washable, reusable and carry our "No-Hassle Warranty" for life.