BBK Performance's long tube headers go head to head against 6 others in the S197 4.6L Header shootout featured in April's issue of Mustang 5.0. After hours of testing each header, BBK's design prevails as the biggest bang for your buck!

Take a look into BBK's machine shop with Hot Rod magazine and see the steps that are required to make an industry leading intake manifold. These manifolds are tirelessly mocked up with various combinations and dyno tested on cars in-house sometimes for months, before they are offered to the public.

BBK's GT500 throttle body is put to the test in April's edition of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords. After easy bolt on installation this throttle body went through thorough Dynojet testing and proved to produce +16 RWHP.

BBK Performance Parts are featured on an '01 Mustang Bullitt on September's issue of Mustang 5.0 Magazine. Read the journey of how this bullitt came back from the graveyard and made into a SEMA quality show car.

The techs from mustang enthusiast get their hands on a 1997 Ford Mustang GT and retire the stock air intake with a BBK Cold Air Intake for performance and great looks. Read more as they go through a step by step installation of the BBK 1718.

After a bad nitrous accident, this Camaro owner set out to rebuild his drag car better than before. With future plans on supercharging his F-body, Bryce and his father Ron chose a BBK SSI Intake Manifold and BBK Throttle Body for the performance they were looking for.

BBK's SSI Intake manifold, long tube headers, and catalytic H pipe help this 1993 5.0L Mustang produce 400HP and 450lbs-ft. Read why BBK's intake manifold and exhaust components were specifically chosen to give this 93 GT the power it needed.

BBK Performance parts are featured once again in Mustang 5.0 magazine on a 1989 Ford Mustang GT. BBK parts including a BBK intake manifold & throttle body (PN 5002), Cold Air Intake Kit (PN 1557),and a fuel pressure regulator (PN1706) help this naturally aspirated mustang produce 103 RWHP and 45lb-ft of torque, with plenty of room for additional gains if a blower, turbo, or nitrous are added.

The techs from GM High Tech Performance go to BBK for schooling in LS1 Intake improvements. BBK's C5 Corvette Aluminum Cold Air Intake, BBK SSI-Series Intake Manifold, and a BBK 80mm Power Plus Throttle Body are installed and tested on a Corvette C5. The testing proved that the BBK products added 21hp and 13ft-lbs over OEM hardware.

A BBK Twin 62mm Throttle Body (Part #1763) is featured in this 07 Mustang GT which made the cover of 5.0 Magazine in April of 2008. View to the PDF to read about this Mustang GT that produces 631-rwhp and 18 lbs of boost.

BBK is featured in Hot Rod magazine again! Read a quick test on a 2006 Mustang GT that features the addition of a twin 62mm BBK Throttle Body and a BBK Cold Air induction system, along with a BBK hi flow X-pipe. The Hot Rod editors were very happy with the additional +30.1hp and 40.51 lb-ft these parts added to rear wheels.

This Hot Rod magazine featured Mustang Mach 1 received the BBK performance make over. This Mach 1 adds some BBK Performance under drive Pulleys, a 62mm dual bore Power Plus series BBK throttle body, some BBK full length CNC headers, Shorty off road x mid pipe, MIL eliminators, and oxygen sensor extenders.

The editors at Sport Truck magazine wanted more power out of their late model F-150 so they took a trip over to BBK to find some good bolt on performance parts for their truck. After installation and dyno testing they've found that by adding a BBK throttle body, cold air and headers they gained some valuable horsepower.

BBK Full length headers and catalytic mid H pipe are used on this GT to help produce 371.5hp and 385.8lbs-ft of torque. Read and see the full installation of these performance parts.

The BBK Canary yellow SN95 Mustang takes the cover of Super Ford magazine in April of 2000 with their 377 Stroked R&D Mustang loaded with the best BBK performance parts.

An Additional 55 Horsepower was acheived on a 2003 SVT Cobra after installing BBK's full length exhaust headers and catalytic short mid h pipes. Read more and see how we amazed the techs at Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords!

Read a full test article about BBK's ALL NEW 5.0 Liter SSI Intake manifold - as tested by Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine! This BBK SSI Manifold features a twin-plenum design for improved Horsepower-torque and street performance and includes BBK billet aluminum high flow fuel rails, and a BBK 70mm throttle body.

BBK parts are featured on more mustangs in April's issue of 5.0. Read about these highly modified machines that feature a BBK 65mm Throttle Body and BBK Full Length Headers.