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Aero Function has been engineering and manufacturing carbon fiber plastics and glass fiber composites for over 10 years within the automotive, commercial and retail markets. Their extensive experience and expertise in high performance composite production allows them to produce parts in-house without sacrificing quality, fitment or value.

Aero Function has taken measures to ensure they provide customers with the latest and most up to date aerodynamics and accessories, with a focus on Exotic and European applications.
Experience and see the difference with Aero Function's production technologies consisting of:

Aero Function - Carbon Fiber Plastics

Carbon Fiber Plastics (CFP) - A very strong and lightweight fiber-reinforced polymer which contains woven strands of carbon fiber. The special chemical polymer is made to ensure the optimal combination of flexibility, durability and weight savings. All Aero Function Carbon Fiber Plastic parts come standard with seven layers of UV-inhibiting automotive and marine grade clear coat to ensure the beauty of their parts lasting many years.

Aero Function - Glass Fiber Komposite

Glass Fiber Komposite (GFK) - A strong, lightweight and robust material made of milled and cross-woven fibers. Through this proprietary process this material results in excellent flexibility and durability. Aero Function Glass Fiber Komposite products come standard with a double-layered signature gray primer to ensure the preparation process is minimized while providing a superior finish when completed.

Aero Function - Poly Urethane Plastics

Poly Urethane Plastics (PUR-RIM) - Injection molded plastics consisting of the unique proprietary chemical blend, giving body parts an optimal mixture of flexibility and stiffness with incredible impact absorption qualities.