360 Forget

Manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process consists of many detailed steps. From the time you place your order to the date of delivery, you are able to step by step track your order through the entire process.

  • 1
    Our team of CAD designers, along with our machining engineers design a new wheel design. The design goes through a process of evaluation to ensure the proper tolerances work with the design. Simulated computer testing is performed before the prototype piece is made in order to develop a wheel that not only looks excellent, but performs excellent as wet. Many things are taken into consideration when designing a new wheel, such as weight, rolling inertia, brake cooling, and more.
  • 2
    Once the new wheel design is complete, we use our CMC machines to create 1 prototype wheel in every offered size.
  • 3
    We then begin our testing process which consists of:
    Corrosion testing, High speed testing, Load testing, Destruction testing and Extreme temperature testing. If changes are necessary, we revise, machine. and test again, until the wheel has passed all tests performed.
  • 4
    At this point our new wheel is ready for production. We proceed to machine our desired amount of production in each size.
  • 5
    The wheels are now ready to be ordered, and specifically machined and customized to meet your personal and vehicles specifications. Once ordered we precision machine the wheel size to fit your vehicles specifications. Aspects such as bolt pattern, center bore, and back spacing are all machined individually to order.
  • 6
    We now begin the exterior finishing process. This step is based on your order specifics such as color carbon fiber finish, brushed aluminum finish. etc.
  • 7
    Once the center section is completed in your specified finish, we begin final assembly. This process is done completely by hand. The wheels are assembled to your vehicles specific size. i.e., width, diameter, and lip size. All fasteners are torqued to exact specifications by hand. The sealant is also applied by hand to ensure that their are no air leaks whatsoever. The final step to assembly is the balancing process, the process uses a micrometer to ensure that the wheel is perfectly round and balanced.
  • 8
    Inspection process. A 20 point inspection takes place prior to packaging and shipping. Any imperfections are repaired or adjusted.