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    Hyundai make some of the most popular cars in North America, and with their hard wearing larger vehicles like the Hyundai Santa Fe they also provide cars that are big enough and tough enough to suit all kinds of needs. If you are one of the USA's many proud Santa Fe owners and want to improve your already great Hyundai model with some stylish Hyundai Santa Fe custom running boards or nerf bars, you are in the right place! We stock an incredible range of Hyundai Santa Fe side steps that will not only make your car look even more attractive, but also make it safer.

    Side steps like our great Hyundai Santa Fe nerf bars and running boards are fixed onto trucks like the Santa Fe to make it easier for people to enter and exit the truck, and they also give your Hyundai a fresh new look people are sure to notice! Have a look at the great range for the Santa Fe here at CARiD – they are all made by trusted, high end accessory manufacturers and come with extended warranties and easy install guides. Buy your Hyundai Santa Fe nerf bars or running boards here today to get the best quality at the best price!

    Do you really enjoy the process of getting in and out of your vehicle? Isn't is too high? Aren't you tired of all that climbing and jumping? We know how to bring the joy back. A set of durable running boards will easily do the trick. The side steps that we've selected for you not only promise a safe and reliable stepping surface, but also offer a new and stylish look. Nerf bars, running boards, side steps, and side tubes - they all are here, gathered under one roof and waiting for you. Read over 8 running boards and side step reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to choose the accessory that is perfect for your vehicle and for your needs.

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    Side Steps Styles Side Steps Styles
    One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve the function and looks of your SUV or truck is to bolt on a set of high quality Nerf Bars. With these handy steps, you'll kill two birds with one stone: make it easy to get in and out of your vehicle and add an extra touch of uniqueness to it. So, whether you're seeking to jazz up your SUV's appearance or...
    Running Boards TypesRunning Boards Types
    Running boards allow for a wider stepping surface as well as offer higher weight capacity than most nerf bars. Also, when picking out a set of running boards, you can choose from a variety of designs, textures, and other options to achieve the perfect style you've been striving for.
    The first choice is between the bar/step type and the true running boards depends on the way you use the vehicle, and on your personal preferences. However, not all choices are that clear, and there is an array of both universal and custom fit running boards to choose from. Just be prepared, and realize that only high quality running boards and side bars will look...

    Customer Reviews
    2011 Hyundai Santa Fe
    Posted by

    "I purchased these for my wifes 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe. She looked around for all-black boards, but there was few to chose from. Luckily, Westin makes a very nice aluminum set that doesn't detract from the Santa Fe's appearance. After we chose the Westin sure-grip black set, I decided to have a local garage put these on, instead of trying to do it myself. Although the mechanics were unfamiliar with this particular model of running board, they still had them installed in less than an hour. They had to pull out a few rubber grommets to bolt on the brackets, so just make sure they give the grommets back, in case you decide to remove the boards in the future. After installation, the mechanics were very impressed with the quality and look of the boars, and so was I. Included in the set was a strip that installs between the back edge of the board and the frame, thats meant to keep mud and rain from entering the board from the back side, keeping them clean and protecting the bottom edges of your cab. So far, my wife and I are very happy with the fit and finish of these and believe they are worth the money. I am 6'2" and about 230lbs, so I was worried they may not be sturdy enough, but I was wrong. They are more than happy to take my size 14 shoe and weight without any complaint. Very sturdy and well made. Customer service is great at CARiD. I called a few times with questions, and they were more than happy to help me long before I actually ordered them."

    2011 Hyundai Santa Fe
    Posted by

    "This kit was ordered to install on a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe vehicle. While the kit is well packed, all the hardware, nuts, bolts, washers of different sizes all come mixed together and the installation instructions are all pictures - no words, making figuring out the installation most difficult. One of the parts, bolt welded to a piece of flat metal is too long to insert in holes on driver and passenger side of vehicle. Flat metal to which bolt is welded had to be cut 1/2 inch to allow it to be inserted in the hole. Apparently the 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe has less room above the hole inside the frame to allow insertion of that piece without making it shorter by 1/2 inch. Figuring out what goes where to get the mounting brackets for the Running Boards installed, takes a little figuring out from just pictures which the installation instructions are. The 2 inch extender brackets are a must to order and use with this type vehicle to get adequate space to step on the running boards. Product looks good on the vehicle and I am well satisfied."

    2007 Hyundai Santa Fe
    Posted by

    "Looks great and my wife loves it as it is easier for her to get into the SUV. The one issue I found was the quality of the hardware (was lacking). The bolts that are welded to a flat metal plate were weakened with the welding and two out of the four snapped with little more than finger tight tourque. I had to make my own in order to secure the side steps to the frame. Other than that it is a great product."

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