Hyundai Santa Fe Fender Flares

    About Hyundai Santa Fe Fender Flares

    Your Santa Fe is a vehicle able to take you nearly anywhere you can think of but it’s still as comfortable as a sedan for your more boring daily trips. Since you can spend so much time driving it you need it to look great for all the people who are going to see it, and the right impression is only made when you have the right aftermarket accessories. They let you put your own personal touches on it and a good start is a set of Hyundai Santa Fe fender flares!

    Fender flares can look stunning but what they can also do is protect your paintwork, because they prevent things like rocks, road grime and others from being flicked up into the paintwork where they can cause serious damage as you drive along. As with any accessory you want to install one that complements your existing look, rather than clashes with it, so we have a variety of different types to help you find exactly what you need. Perhaps the best news of all is that we offer fantastic prices so you know you’re going to get value for money no matter which you decide upon!

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    Hyundai Santa Fe was available in the following models:
    Santa Fe • Santa Fe XL and submodels: GL • GLS • LX • Base • Limited • SE • GL Sport • GL Premium • Sport • Sport 2.0T • Luxury • Premium