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    Few vehicles are as easily recognizable as a Hummer. Exceptionally boxy and incredibly wide, this rugged vehicle was originally designed for military use, and it shows. Being one of the most versatile vehicles in the world, Hummer delivers the ultimate off-road experience you never dreamed possible. Each Hummer model is completely unique, just like its owner. We are sure that you take proper care of your Hummer and replace failed parts in time. If you are looking for premium replacement parts for your vehicle, we are ready to provide you with excellent products designed for your Hummer.

    On our website, we have gathered all repair parts you may need. For example, if you are seeking engine cooling parts, CARiD offers you various radiators, fans, thermostats, water pumps, and more, or if one of your suspension parts goes bad, numerous shocks, struts, springs, ball joints, control arms, sway bars, and more are available on our website. The products are manufactured by the world-renowned brands such as Wagner, Denso, Bosch, Dorman, FRAM, etc. so they feature premium quality and will precisely fit your vehicle. There is no need to pay high dealer price when you can get OE quality parts at a competitive price at CARiD.

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    Hummer SUV Body Shells Used for HummerHaus Project
    Hummer SUV Body Shells Used for HummerHaus Project

    Two architects, Craig Hodgetts and HsinMing Fung from HplusF, a design agency, based in Los Angeles, built a prefabricated home out of eight identical Hummer SUV body shells. Wrapping the gas guzzling monster trucks around the steel skeleton, these architects therefore named this home the HummerHaus.

    The hummer's body sturdiness inspired Craig Hodgetts and HsinMing Fung to create such an unusual dwelling. Indeed, in terms of durability and firmness, the metallic components of the huge SUV are the perfect fit for exterior usage. This project provided enough space for OEM refrigeration as well as the 12-volt electrical systems incluing various heating and media components. The HummerHaus project turned to be sustainable due to the usage of geothermal storage tanks, photovoltaic cells, and soy insulation.

    The prefabricated house is a concept for now, but such a project inspires to recycle the body shells of old vehicles, at least the larger ones, like Hummer.

    Meet  MEV Hummer HX
    Meet MEV Hummer HX

    The Hummer HX concept, unveiled in 2008, was to be the GM's answer to the Jeep Wrangler. Unfortunately, the concept was never brought to fruition as the brand was killed by General Motors in 2009. But don't be upset, you still can ride the HX. My Electric Vehicle has appropriated the concept and created the MEV Hummer HX, a fully electronic golf cart.

    The resort vehicle offers the aggressive look of the full-sized Hummer, but unlike the original monster, it is completely eco-friendly. The MEV Hummer HX is powered by a 3.75-hp electric motor that can be upgraded to a 5.5-hp version. The golf cart comes with the HUMMER embossed rear bumper, H2 logos on the sides and rear, H2 embroidered upholstery, and an H2 body kit licensed by General Motors. The vehicle can also be ordered in a 6- or 8-seat version for the extra $3,874 and $4,974 respectively. The basic price for the MEV Hummer HX is $16,000.

    Rumor: GM Considered Reviving HUMMER... with a GMC Badge
    Rumor: GM Considered Reviving HUMMER... with a GMC Badge

    The noise surrounding the closure of Hummer seemed to fade down, but fans of the quintessential American marque do not want to accept the situation and rumors about Hummer’s return spread at light speed. Recently several fan websites suggested that GM may be considering the return of select Hummer models under the GMC brand. A source close to the matter said that GM was mulling the release of the Hummer H3 with a GMC badge and even production of the Hummer 4 as a GMC. However, the automaker has no plans to revive any Hummer model anytime soon.

    Even though this tidbit of gossip sounds as a ray of hope, there is no reason to expect Hummer comeback in the nearest future. First, GM is shackled with the conditions of the government bailout. Plus, according to the same source, no work is being done on the Hummer lineup - and in a new low-petroleum paradigm, the Hummer architectures would need a solid investment, even if they were to come under a different nameplate.

    Anyway, the possibility of the Hummer revival still exists, but it would most likely to take years to be realized.